ZIP Solutions –Bionaturis Group- has just been granted with a new patent titled “Recombinant protein bodies as immunogen-specific adjuvants” for the USA (number 9.555.097). This new patent covers the use and administration of DNA vaccines coding for fusions of Zera® self-assembling sequences and any antigen of interest for the enhancement of the immune response against the antigen.

“DNA-based immunotherapies show several advantages compared to more traditional formulations, for instance, less risk of pathogens contamination or an immune response which is mainly cellular, ideal for cancer therapies”, ZIP’s IP Manager, Marco Archinti, has stated. Another major impact DNA vaccines have is on the development and production phases, making them shorter and way cheaper, since there’s no need for customizing expression and purification processes, as in the case of recombinant protein vaccines.. ZIP Solutions is contributing with this innovation –now patented in such a relevant market as the US one- to make the cutting-edge drugs production more accessible and effective.

Once the cells of the vaccinated organism have internalized the DNA, the antigen synthesis begins and the immune response starts: “It is demonstrated that the in vivo administration of DNA coding for Zera®-antigen fusions triggers an immune response that is way stronger that the one obtained with the DNA of the antigen alone, and the level and quality of the immune response are key elements in determining whether an immunotherapy will be successful or not. The highly consistent immune response triggered by Zera®-based DNA vaccines is due to the ordered oligomeric organization of Zera®-antigen, induced by Zera®, that determine a higher antigen expression and stability as well as its slow release.

Zera Intein Protein Solutions (ZIP) is all-round bioprocessing, developing and offering highly effective tools for industrial applications of protein-based products such as peptides, recombinant antigens, enzymes, nanobodies, among others. Proprietaries Zera® and Splittera systems – the later subject of an exclusive and worldwide license to a leading multinational company- are optimal solutions to express and purify biological products at industrial scale.

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