ZIP Solutions -Bionaturis Group- has been granted with two patents from the same patent family by the European (EPO) and Japanese (JPO) Offices, conferring protection in both territories, two of the most relevant markets worldwide. The patent titled “Protein Body-inducing Polypeptide Sequences” contributes to a better protection of the Zera Subunit Vaccines 2.0 and Zera DNA Vaccines outstanding applications.

The patent family claims the use of second-generation self-assembly fusion sequences, Zera®2, to express and produce recombinant proteins in eukaryotic hosts forming protein bodies. It is well known that micro particles of protein bodies show high valuable features, such as their capacity to stimulate an immune response in a host when used as non-adjuvant vaccines. Zera®2 aims to standardize the immune response raised by recombinant vaccines and DNA vaccines plus elimination of the cold-chain by formation of metastable nanostructures.

At this regard, Marco Archinti, ZIP IP manager, has pointed out, “Zera® and Zera®2 sequences facilitate to get a high yield of difficult-to-express recombinant antigens, where other traditional approaches fail”. Zera® and Zera®2 tools have already been validated in both in-vitro and in-vivo assays and are included within the portfolio of premium solutions of Bionaturis Group, being a highly efficient and cost-effective way to produce second, third, and fourth generation vaccines.

Zera Intein Protein Solutions (ZIP) is all-round bioprocessing, developing and offering highly effective tools for industrial applications of protein-based products such as peptides, recombinant antigens, enzymes, nanobodies, among others. Proprietaries Zera® and Splittera systems – the later subject of an exclusive and worldwide license to a leading multinational company- are optimal solutions to express and purify biological products at industrial scale.

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About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers premium solutions for human and animal health; it comprises four companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions, and BNT Pacific) and two subsidiaries (Biobide USA and BNT China Biosciences) in six different locations around the world. Bionaturis lists on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (trading code BNT).