What we do

Bionaturis is a biotechnology-based group offering premium solutions for human and animal health applications. The biotechnology group is listing on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (trading code BNT).

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Vision and mission

  • Vision: To provide a global access to health
  • Mission: Putting ultimate health technologies and products at a more global reach of customers and users
  • Current strategic core business: biological drug development for animal health

The Group comprises 4 companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions, and BNT Pacific LTD) and 2 subsidiaries (BNT China Biosciences and Biobide USA) in 6 different locations (3xSpain, USA, Hong Kong, and China), offering products and services for human and animal applications throughout the following main divisions:

  • Human and animal health division. B2B business model to develop best-in-class products for human and animal health applications (Bionaturis). (For further information, please, click here)
  • CRO division. Zebrafish Toxicity and Efficacy assays for Early Discovery and Development (Biobide(For further information, please, click here)
  • CDMO division. Expression and purification services for third-parties (Bionaturis and ZIP Solutions) Further information about FLYLIFE and ZIP Solutions(For further information ,please, click here)
  • Consumer products. Development and marketing of dermocosmetic products. (For further information, please, click here)

The matrix company of the Group, Bionaturis, is positioned as a partner of reference for biological drug development in animal health. By a B2B business model Bionaturis co-develops best-in-class -prescription and non-prescription- products, partnering up with third parties with registration expertise and sales force in target markets.

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