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From March 12 to 15, Bionaturis Group has attended ‘Bio Europe Spring ‘, one of the most important biotechnology event in Europe, hold this edition at the Amsterdam’s Convention Center. Juan Jose Infante, Chief of Biological developments at Bionaturis Group and one of our representatives at the event, tells us about his main remarks and outcomes.



1. BIOEUROPE SPRING is an event that, for some days, brings together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across biotech, finance and pharma for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering meetings, strategic panel discussions and more. What do you think that Bionaturis Group has to offer differentially to those attending the event?

Biotechnology is a field that evolves to a dizzy speed. Breakthrough innovations that will feed the healthcare sector in the following years are cooked mainly in the R&D departments of SMEs. It is a high volatile world and there is a need for agile management practices. Unlike big multinationals, Bionaturis can go as nimble as the rapidly shifting and unpredictable context in which the sector find itselfe. Bionaturis, after 11 years developing innovative premium products, has now enough maturity to be a partner of choice for agile movements to the marketplace. Thus, what third parties expect from us in these events is the right partner to bring innovative products to the market in a practical and agile way.

2. It is the first time that Bionaturis Group has attended this event after announcing the integration agreement with ADL Biopharma, a turning point for the company. How have you perceived the reception of this news in the sector?

As good as it gets! It is the right time to offer a proposal as the one derived from the integration between Bionaturis and ADL Biopharma. The current situation is defined by a huge demand for innovative products that make health sustainable with growth. The clear case of producing more animal protein controlling health in a sustainable way, for example. Among others, new products do not reach the market for two main reasons. One, the products have to be optimized to make them more effective and safe. And two, large-scale manufacturing capacity is needed. Bionaturis brings the solution to the first barrier. And ADL Biopharma solves the second. So all the developers of biotechnology products that hope to reach new niche markets welcomed the proposal, because the value chain is fully complete.

3. Recently the Australian patent office has granted Zera Intein Protein (ZIP) Solutions -Bionaturis Group company- the Splittera patent, a breakthrough innovation for the purification of biological products and subject to a worldwide exclusive license to commercialize it around the world. Besides, the US patent office has also granted the patent conferring protection to Bionaturis Leishmaniasis vaccine, being part of an Evaluation and Option agreement with a top-sale vet company. Bearing these advances in mind, what do you think it is the Spanish biotechnology level versus the rest of Europe?

Biotechnology is global and from Spain we can get access to the global circuits in which the knowledge is generated and transferred. The real gap is how to bring this knowledge to the market to capture as more value as possible. To do that it is necessary much more investment not just in value creation but mainly in value capture, fostering interaction between the generators and the developers. The cases that you mention are cases of success, and unfortunately they are more the exception than the rule. That´s why we have to value those deals properly. In Spain, there´s a lot work to do in creating the right environment for value capture, aligning all the stakeholders.

4. In a brief, what outcomes do you expect to get after your attendance to BIOEUROPE SPRING?

We have validated our commitment for new generation vaccines. In the event we have determined new diseases to apply our technology, demanded by the animal supply sector, in this case. We have also explored how to bring to the market our new lines of non-prescription products for pets. The key products for the coming years have already come out of this event. Last but not least, commercial relationships already in place has been consolidated to reinforce the effective arrival of the joint developments to the market.