The coordinators of the Cervipro Project have recently met in Bionaturis facilities in Jerez with the goal of continue progressing in the development of the vaccine. In particular, Michael Götz (from the German Company BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant) and Martin Müller and Caroline Odenwald (from German Cancer Research-DKFZ) were the attendants. From Bionaturis, Elena de la Torre (Project Manager); Felix Risco (CTO) and Juan Jose Infante (CSO) were the participants.

The aim of the Cervipro Project is the development of a cost-effective vaccine against the Human Papilomavirus, which causes cervical cancer. This project receive funding from the Eurostars-2 Programme with co-funding from CDTI and the Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Framework Programme from European Union (further information in the Relevant info published in 2015, only in Spanish)

The Cervipro Project –which started at the beginning of 2016- continues with several advances, such as the growing of the plants that will produce the vaccine and the experimental design of purification.

cervipro en bionaturis

“Although we are in an early stage, the project is accomplishing the planned milestones. The participating companies and institutions are providing the necessary resource and Cervipro is moving towards its final goal. We are conscious that there is still a long way but we are convinced that we are in the right one”, Michael Götz, from BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant, has stated as leader of the Project.

With this project, Bionaturis Group is taking part in an alternative strategy to produce this drug in a cost-effective way, to make it affordable to the most needy regions, in other words, contributing to a global access to health. Specifically, Bionaturis Group is in charge of the development of the purification process of the vaccine as well as its analytical classification.

From Bionaturis, Elena de la Torre has explained that “this project is very interesting for us both from the scientific and the social point of view, because the objective is to reduce the rate of this type of cáncer, the second most common one in women who live in less developed regions according to the WHO

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