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Animal, Human and Environmental Health: the unique ‘One Health’

“Human, animal and environmental health are interlinked. So much so that the scientific perspectives are more and more leaded to global approaches to diseases and new drugs and vaccines discovery”, the PhD at Veterinary and Project Manager at Bionaturis, Ana de las Heras, has stated. Being aware of the relevance of this connection, professionals from different scientific areas, associations and institutions worldwide have joined forces under the ‘One Health’ concept with the main goal of setting up multidisciplinary synergies and working with a global vision. The first One Health Day is being celebrated on the third of November with educational activities all over the world.

Bionaturis is working in some developments that are under the One Health concept, such as the BNT006, a peptide-based feed additive for poultry and swine that is already on the market in Mexico and in the pivotal studies stage for bovine. “The goal of this project –in which is also participating COVAP and Technological Corporation of Andalusia as partners- is to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal feeding, a very common situation in recent decades and one of the main causes of the increasing problem of current antibiotic resistance cases”, De las Heras has explained.

Additionally to livestock, aquaculture is one of the worldwide priorities in agrofood health. In this area, Bionaturis is working on several developments leaded to prevent viral and bacterial infections in farmed fish. The increasing need of proteins for human feeding has promoted the rise of aquaculture and the overcrowding of animals in the fish farms causes the spread of diseases that requires these types of solutions.

The control of pathogens that transmit from animals to humans (zoonosis) is one of the priorities in the relationship between human […]

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