Bionaturis receives the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz

Its commitment on Cadiz talent, on creating high-qualified employment and wealth in the area, as well as the promotion of the scientific innovation ‘Made in Cadiz’ to the rest of the world, are some of the reasons why Bionaturis has been honoured with the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz.

The award, granted by the Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales and the Consejo Social of the University of Cadiz, and the Confederacion de Empresarios was received last Friday in Cadiz by Bionaturis Group founder and CEO, Victor Infante.

“Born in Cadiz province and as a former member of this University, from the very beginning it´s been and will be my strong commitment that Bionaturis  contributes heavily to its role as an economic driver, adding wealthiness to this province. We always show off that our province has much more to offer, that we are leading some economic areas and that, for instance, in our case, we are developing and bringing to the market place cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life of pets, livestock and the environment under One Health principals. Bionaturis is achieving that relevant worldwide C-level executives visit Cadiz not only to enjoy our unique touristic offer but also to make business. Bionaturis is spreading the name of Cadiz to the rest of the world”, Victor Infante has stated.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis is a biopharmaceutical company born in 2005 as spin-off of Cadiz University. Located in the Scientific and Technological Park in Jerez, is the matriz company of Bionaturis Group, comprises other three companies -Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific Limited- and two subsidiaries, located in Europe, Asia and USA. As a group, they offer highly- added value products and services for Human and Animal Health. It is listed on […]

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Biotechnology private investment increases

The biotech sector continues gaining relevance in the Spanish economy, according to the 2015 Asebio Report, recently published. Among the criteria that show this increasing trend, it is worth noting the private R&D investment, that has returned to growth with 3,75% (533.8 million Euros in 2014) after two consecutive years of downturn. This tendency contrasts to the needs of this sector, that requires an increase of the public economic aids for R&D in order to recuperate, at least, the previous levels to 2008.

“The figures of the report confirm that the biotech sector is a cornerstone in the Spanish economy. The growth in the R&D private investment points out that the companies have made a great effort to continue developing and innovating despite the numerous problems. These figures are endorsed internationally by the latest Ernst&Young Report – Beyond Borders- that shows how the global biotech sector reached a record figure of funding until 62,000 million Euros in 2015”, Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, has stated.

The invoicing volume is also very relevant considering that it has already reached 10.35% of the Spanish GDP, rubbing shoulders for the first time in the top ranking with other sectors such as Tourism. This indicator has not stopped growing up even during the crisis, period in which, precisely, it has registered a rise of more than 7%. In 2014 the sector overtook the record of 100,000 million Euros of invoicing and created 178,000 jobs (+3%).

The number of biotech companies (high-technology companies completely devoted to the sector, as Bionaturis Group) grew 13.36% in 2014. As in previous reports, the majority of these companies consider that the internationalization is very important for their growth, because of that, the 86% of the companies integrated in […]

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Biotechnology strengthens its position in Spain

The sales in the sector of the so-called Bioeconomy, has grown from 2.98% GDP (PIB in Spanish) in 2008 to 7.8% in 2012, according to the Asebio report, recently published. Companies stating that biotechnology is their main or only activity –among which Bionaturis is- registered an increase of 10.78% in their sales (8,800 million Euros) and 5% of rise in net employment during 2012, surpassing its own expectations for a year that it has been forecasted very complicated for Spanish economy.

According to Bionaturis’ CEO, Victor Infante, who attended the ASEBIO gala , “apart from the figures that prove that the biotech sector has performed better than others at this time of recession, I´d like to stand out some words heard today such as the need of innovation in all fields, including the relationship with public administrations, patients associations, regulatory authorities, partners at the value chain, with the main goal of seeking sustainability of the health system as a whole; or those promoting to seek talent wherever it is”.

More internationalization

85% of Asebio’s members conducted some international activity in 2013, as Bionaturis did. For the first time since this survey has been done, the associated companies consider LATAM as one of their priority market in their international strategy, specially Mexico (96.67%) and Colombia (95.83%). The European Union (93.24%), Switzerland (90.48%) and USA (88.41%) keep on having a leadership position for international operations.

During 2013, 57 companies and Spanish Organizations from the biotechnological sector (+39% regarding to 2012) signed a total of 108 international business partnerships (+42%).

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