“SMEs are the beginning of the future”

At January the 21st , the President of Bionaturis, Professor and PhD Juan Jose Almagro Garcia, addressed to the company employees in an informative and motivational speech to share his lines about the socioeconomic context we have, where we are going to and the role of Bionaturis, and of the technological SMEs in general, on it.

During the speech, Professor Almagro pointed out how the corporate principles in which the Bionaturis is based –such as integrity, transparency, commitment, effort, innovation, leadership, training and willingness of service- are in line with those that the society of the XXI century is demanding. “We are living a change of era, not an era of changes”, “SMEs are the beginning of the future”, “facing to a global crisis of distrust, the society believes in the nearest: SMEs”, “in times of global lies, telling the truth is revolutionary” are some of the quotes used by Juan Jose Almagro during his speech.

The staff of Bionaturis shared opinions with the President and they opened up an interesting debate in which PhD Almagro stressed the importance of the corporate culture and the turning point the company is living within its process of growth and international expansion. “work with professionalism, effort, integrity, and decency”, demanded Almagro. He took the opportunity to spread his Decalogue about the executive role within a company. In this post we share the first rule and we will be including the following ones in coming newsletter issues:

1.- “If you have the capacity, accept the responsibility voluntarily and with integrity”

Professor and PhD Juan Jose Almagro is a lawyer, PhD in Work Sciences, columnist and writer. After a long executive experience in MAPFRE and nowadays as a member of MAPFRE Board of Directors, […]

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