Bionaturis strengthens actions for reducing the use of antibiotics in the porcine industry

The biotechnological company takes part in the PROVACIN consortium, joined by partners Piensos Jimenez –leaders of the project- and Iberico Comercializacion (IBERCOM), with the main goal of reducing the use of antibiotics in white and iberian pigs
The PROVACIN project acts on the whole value chain of livestock industry, by applying different innovative solutions. It is co-founded by the Centre for Industrial and Technological Development (CDTI; Government of Spain) in the framework of the FEDER-Innterconecta 2016 Program. Bionaturis has been granted 267,360.00 Euros for the execution of the project.
Producers worldwide are looking for alternatives to make the use of antibiotics in animal industry sustainable, reducing practices that might lead to the rise of antimicrobial resistance while keeping or even improving quality of the final products.


Jerez de la Frontera, December 14, 2016.  Bionaturis continues its bet on providing solutions highly demanded by the Animal Health industry. The company has just announced its participation in the industrial consortium PROVACIN whose main goal is the design of new strategies for swine vaccination and breeding, aimed for making changes in the production of both white and Iberian pigs leading to a substantial reduction in the use of antibiotics as either preventive or therapeutic medication.

PROVACIN’s proposition is a coordinated approach acting on different aspects of animal farming, combining strategies of biosafety, prevention, feeding and handling. The project comprises innovation in feed additives, immunostimulants, and veterinary medicines. The project also assays safety and efficacy of new vaccines against common diseases in swine, immunomodulatory peptides, probiotics and natural ingredients.

Bionaturis CSO Dr. Juan José Infante explained: “PROVACIN gathers together all agents creating value in the industry, from the laboratory to the final consumer, under one common task. The aim is to adapt the production […]

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El proyecto Cervipro avanza con un encuentro en Heildelberg

El proyecto destinado al desarrollo de una vacuna costo-efectiva contra el cáncer cervical, denominado Cervipro, sigue avanzando tras el encuentro celebrado la pasada semana entre  Elena de la Torre, Project Manager de Bionaturis, y los representantes del Instituto de Investigación German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) y la empresa BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant (líderes del consorcio).

El encuentro, celebrado en la sede del centro investigador en Heildelberg (Alemania), sirvió para hacer un seguimiento de las aportaciones y acciones de cada uno de los integrantes, así como para marcar los próximos hitos en el desarrollo. Además de la representante del Grupo Bionaturis –Elena de la Torre-, los asistentes a este encuentro fueron Michael Götz (por parte de BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant), Martin Müller y Caroline Odenwald (de DKFZ).

El objetivo de Cervipro es la consecución de una vacuna costo-efectiva contra el virus del Papiloma Humano, causante del cáncer cervical o cáncer de cuello uterino. Este proyecto recibe la financiación del programa conjunto Eurostars-2 con cofinanciación de CDTI y del Programa Marco de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 de la Unión Europea.

Participando en una estrategia alternativa para producir el fármaco de manera costo-efectiva para hacerlo accesible a las regiones menos favorecidas donde se necesite, el Grupo Bionaturis responde así a su visión ‘A global Access To Health’.

Sobre Bionaturis 

El Grupo Bionaturis ofrece productos y servicios biotecnológicos de última generación para salud humana y animal. Considerada un referente internacional en el desarrollo de vacunas, el grupo biotecnológico, que tiene como visión un acceso más global a la salud, cotiza en bolsa con el ticker BNT.

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Bionaturis Group takes part in the development of a vaccine against cervical cancer

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI, in Spanish) has granted an incentive of 184.847,40 Euros to the company from the European Programme Eurostars
The project is led by the German company BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant with participation from the German Cancer Research Center

Jerez de la Frontera, January 12nd 2016. Bionaturis Group will take part in the development of a cost-effective and possibly oral vaccine against cervical cancer. The initiative, led by the German company BioEnergy GmbH & Consultant with the participation of the German Cancer Research Center, receives funding from the Eurostars-2 Programme with co-funding from CDTI and the Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Framework Programme from European Union.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), developing countries suffer the highest impact from cervical cancer, which is caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Currently available vaccines are at a price point that makes them unaffordable for most people in developing countries. In addition to the loss of human lives, this circumstance leaves a large gap in the global coverage against the disease. With this project, Bionaturis Group is taking part in an alternative strategy to produce a cost-effective vaccine that will be affordable for the most highly impacted regions, following its vision of ‘A Global Access To Health’.

“This project is a real and relevant challenge for Bionaturis because, with it, we are expanding our horizons. Our acquired technological expertise in both vaccine development and cost effective manufacturing platforms lets us face this initiative with the realistic goal of providing to the population at risk a first-in-class drug that will be affordable given the social and economic conditions of their countries”, Bionaturis CSO, Juan Jose Infante, has stated.

The WHO highlights that cervical cancer caused the […]

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