Splittera patent also granted in Israel

Bionaturis Group has received notification from the patent office of Israel of the approval of the patent entitled “Split inteins and uses thereof”, contributing to the protection of the Splittera system, joining to the already granted in the main European markets, China, Japan, and Australia.

This patent family is of special relevance for Bionaturis group since Splittera is subject of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with a top leading multinational company, for its commercialization in the industrial purification of biological products. The agreement contemplates upfront, milestone-payments and royalties for sales. This agreement is a proof of principle of the usefulness and added value of Splittera for the biopharmaceutical sector, which presents a global expected market figure worth of 236 billion dollars by 2019.
Splittera is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses at industrial scale.Please, click here to read the Relevant Information (only in Spanish)

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The presence of Bionaturis at BioEurope Spring



From March 12 to 15, Bionaturis Group has attended ‘Bio Europe Spring ‘, one of the most important biotechnology event in Europe, hold this edition at the Amsterdam’s Convention Center. Juan Jose Infante, Chief of Biological developments at Bionaturis Group and one of our representatives at the event, tells us about his main remarks and outcomes.



1. BIOEUROPE SPRING is an event that, for some days, brings together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across biotech, finance and pharma for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering meetings, strategic panel discussions and more. What do you think that Bionaturis Group has to offer differentially to those attending the event?

Biotechnology is a field that evolves to a dizzy speed. Breakthrough innovations that will feed the healthcare sector in the following years are cooked mainly in the R&D departments of SMEs. It is a high volatile world and there is a need for agile management practices. Unlike big multinationals, Bionaturis can go as nimble as the rapidly shifting and unpredictable context in which the sector find itselfe. Bionaturis, after 11 years developing innovative premium products, has now enough maturity to be a partner of choice for agile movements to the marketplace. Thus, what third parties expect from us in these events is the right partner to bring innovative products to the market in a practical and agile way.

2. It is the first time that Bionaturis Group has attended this event after announcing the integration agreement with ADL Biopharma, a turning point for the company. How have you perceived the reception of this news in the sector?

As good as it gets! It is the right time to offer a proposal as the one derived from the integration between Bionaturis and ADL […]

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Fran Bascón tells us about VIV-MEA 2018,Abu Dhabi.

         Last 5th and 6th of February, Bionaturis was present at VIV-MEA , the most important animal health evento of the EMA region.


Abu Dhabi turned for a few days into a neuralgic animal health center for production animals  for the Middle East and Africa.

Our sales manager, Fran Bascon, event assistant, tells us first-hand impressions.



1. VIV-MEA is an event indexes in animal health for the zone that concentrates visitors and companies from many countries and places of the world. Which were the aims of the Group Bionaturis in this event?

Our attendance to the event has been a great opportunity for 1) gaining more knowledge and insights of the market in Middle East, 2) consolidate the strategic relations we already have in the territory and 3) finding new synergies. Middle East is a huge market that is demanding and consuming innovative products at a very fast pace (for instance, the use of probiotics for animal feed has grown 600% in the past 5 years). Products with a strong scientific background and a solid development are highly desired and in that sense, Bionaturis has a lot to value to deliver.

In terms of number of European companies in the event, the attendance has been pretty significant. Despite the fact that there is a homologous event in Europe, all the big players were in the event, thus highlighting the importance of this region and the opportunity of entering in that market.


2. During the day, took place events about networking  and you had the possibility of meeting several companies from the region, how you value the VIV-MEA event as forum to find new opportunities of business?

The event was the perfect environment to gain first-hand experience of the market in Middle East, their challenges […]

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Bionaturis will show its value in BioEurope, Berlín.

From November 6 to 8th, Bionaturis Group will take part in BioEurope 2017, to be held in Berlin this edition, to present its rich portfolio of premium products and services.

2176 biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies come together in this event from November 6th to November 8th, 2017. In total they will put in negotiation on 5108 biotechnological assets in the meetings already agreed between the assistants during two months previous to the event.

2176 biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies will come together in this event where 5108 biotechnological assets will be put in negotiations during the pre-scheduled one to one meetings.

All the business divisions of Bionaturis Group will be represented in this edition.  Juan Jose Infante, Chief of biological developments as part of the Animal Health division, Andoni Cruz, representing the CRO services and Miriam Bastida, showcasing the bioprocessing optimization tools of the CDMO division.

As a partner of choice to bring premium products to the market place, Dr. Infante will meet the world leaders representatives in animal health to follow up the joint on-going initiatives and to open-up new licensing opportunities for co-development.

After the successful participation in BioEurope Spring and having already exceeded the sales figure of the whole previous year, Biobide (CRO division) will be in Berlin in order to strength its relationship with its pharmaceutical and biotechnological network, to set new collaborations, as well as to showcase its new services in zebrafish, being an international reference in this field.

Miriam Bastida will update attendees about the latest of Splittera and Zera, within the CDMO division of bioprocesses, specifically designed to optimize the developments of biological drugs, which presents a global expected market figure worth of 236 billion dollars by 2019.

For more information, visit the official web here.



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One year after bell-ringing opening day…

Time flies!! Just one year ago Bionaturis had its bell-ringing opening day at Palacio de la Bolsa (Madrid), being the second Andalusian biotech company to trade at the Spanish MAB. To pay a tribute to this amazing event for Bionaturis we would like to share with all of you an unpublished video so far, showing a different angle of that special day. Let us propose a toast to the accomplished milestones and those that are coming.  Cheers

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Bionaturis to tackle the protection of fish farms with oral vaccines

Aquaculture is a booming national industry. The total turnover in Spain alone stands at nearly 500 million euros, where Andalusia with 55 million euros accounts for 11% 
The AQUAFLY project, based on the Bionaturis FLYLIFE production system, will be deployed in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).
Ana de las Heras from Bionaturis, who holds a PhD in Veterinary Science, is the Project leader, an initiative that will last 3 years and is co-funded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).

Jerez de la Frontera, 21 December 2012. Bionaturis, a biotechnological company listing  on the Spanish Alternative Investment Market (MAB), has embarked on the Aquafly project in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).  The project aims to research more efficient vaccination alternatives for farmed fish..
Oral vaccines, a breakthrough for the sector
The idea for the project emerged from the Bionaturis internal aquaculture R&D team after analysing the sector’s needs in the meetings recently held between  international and national producers and veterinary companies. The technical goal is to design  and develop new oral therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, based on the cutting-edge FLYLIFE production system  (using insect larva as bioreactors to produce biological drugs), which can be used more safety and efficiently to protect against major diseases that currently affect aquaculture. The research programme, which will run for three years, is led by Ana de las Heras, a Bionaturis scientific researcher with a PhD in Veterinary Sciences. This project is being cofunded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).
Importance of the industry: Aquaculture […]

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Entrevista a Ana de las Heras sobre el proyecto europeo "Targetfish"

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The solution for a fast and affordable access to animal health

El Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Sevilla se hace eco de la participación de Bionaturis en el IX Congreso Internacional de Virología Veterinaria.

Publicación del Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Sevilla

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Bionaturis attends IX International Congress of Veterinary Virology

–      Bionaturis, a biopharmaceutical company listing on the Spanish Alternative Market, took part in the “Vaccine antivirals and Viral Immunology“ conference inside the series of “Veterinary Virology” on September 6th.

–       This conference took place at Universidad Complutense of Madrid from September 4th-7th with the slogan: “one world, one health, one virology”.

In its 9th edition, the International Congress of Veterinary Virology was headed by Dr. Jose Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaino, president of the European Society of Veterinary Virology (ESVV). The conference gathered different topics of veterinary virology such as vaccines, zoonosis, epidemiology, new virus, etc…

Bionaturis presented “the solution for a fast and affordable access to animal health” oral comunication, where Dr. Ana de las Heras (Bionaturis’ researcher) addressed the goals, methodology, and results of Bionaturis’ cutting-edge developments for an efficient, fast and safe prevention of animal diseases.

In order to achieve these objectives, Bionaturis takes advantage of its own production platform, FLYLIFE, which combines speed, efficiency, safety and financial feasibility to develop Second Generation vaccines to prevent, monitoring and eradicate viral diseases.

By means of FLYLIFE, Bionaturis’ research team is able to produce millions of vaccine batches short after  an alert is detected. This makes FLYLIFE a perfect tool to fight pandemic episodes, among others.

Víctor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis, emphasizes in how important is the participation of Bionaturis at this international conference: “It places FLYLIFE right inside of international veterinary virology so it can be known by the most prestigious scientists around the world.”

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Bionaturis Corporative Presentation

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