Bionaturis Group gets patent approval in India

Bionaturis Group has received notification from the patent office of India of the approval of the patent entitled “Production of biologically active proteins”, contributing to the protection of this patent family, already approved in the main European markets, USA, China, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

Specifically, this patent family protects the production and use, within the pharmacological field, of ZERA-based microparticles, a self-assembling sequence developed by ZIP. These microparticles have demonstrated efficacy as second-generation vaccines, being able to develop a higher immune response than the same antigen in soluble form and without using of additional adjuvants. ZERA VACCINES are currently being evaluated by leading companies in the veterinary sector in order to formalize licensing agreements.
Zera Vaccines is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses at industrial scale.

Bionaturis Group, which is integrating businesses with ADL Biopharma, has received up to four patent approvals year to date, strengthening the protection of its high-tech premium portfolio. Please, click here to read the Relevant Information (only in Spanish)

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Splittera patent also granted in Israel

Bionaturis Group has received notification from the patent office of Israel of the approval of the patent entitled “Split inteins and uses thereof”, contributing to the protection of the Splittera system, joining to the already granted in the main European markets, China, Japan, and Australia.

This patent family is of special relevance for Bionaturis group since Splittera is subject of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with a top leading multinational company, for its commercialization in the industrial purification of biological products. The agreement contemplates upfront, milestone-payments and royalties for sales. This agreement is a proof of principle of the usefulness and added value of Splittera for the biopharmaceutical sector, which presents a global expected market figure worth of 236 billion dollars by 2019.
Splittera is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses at industrial scale.Please, click here to read the Relevant Information (only in Spanish)

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The presence of Bionaturis at BioEurope Spring



From March 12 to 15, Bionaturis Group has attended ‘Bio Europe Spring ‘, one of the most important biotechnology event in Europe, hold this edition at the Amsterdam’s Convention Center. Juan Jose Infante, Chief of Biological developments at Bionaturis Group and one of our representatives at the event, tells us about his main remarks and outcomes.



1. BIOEUROPE SPRING is an event that, for some days, brings together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across biotech, finance and pharma for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering meetings, strategic panel discussions and more. What do you think that Bionaturis Group has to offer differentially to those attending the event?

Biotechnology is a field that evolves to a dizzy speed. Breakthrough innovations that will feed the healthcare sector in the following years are cooked mainly in the R&D departments of SMEs. It is a high volatile world and there is a need for agile management practices. Unlike big multinationals, Bionaturis can go as nimble as the rapidly shifting and unpredictable context in which the sector find itselfe. Bionaturis, after 11 years developing innovative premium products, has now enough maturity to be a partner of choice for agile movements to the marketplace. Thus, what third parties expect from us in these events is the right partner to bring innovative products to the market in a practical and agile way.

2. It is the first time that Bionaturis Group has attended this event after announcing the integration agreement with ADL Biopharma, a turning point for the company. How have you perceived the reception of this news in the sector?

As good as it gets! It is the right time to offer a proposal as the one derived from the integration between Bionaturis and ADL […]

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Bionaturis Leishmaniasis Vaccine Granted in USA


This new concession in USA joins the one already obtained by Bionaturis in China last September for the same patent family.


Each year 80 million dogs are in danger of developing the disease in the affected areas of Europe and America. Visceral leishmaniasis affects more than 700,000 people worldwide each year, with the dog being the main reservoir of the disease.


The granted patent protects the use of the intended vaccine in dogs and humans.


Bionaturis goes one step further in the pet market, which according to Euromonitor International represented 93,000 million euros in 2015.


The Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico e Industrial (CDTI) has also granted Bionaturis a non-refundable incentive worth 196,300 euros to support the achievement of a new intermediate milestone in the development of the vaccine.


Jerez de la Frontera, February XX, 2018.- The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the patent for the prevention and treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in both dogs and humans to the vaccine against this disease, which Bionaturis holds the worldwide exclusivity. The lead vaccine program, called internally BNT005, comes originally from the CSIC (Spanish National Council of Research)


Currently, BNT005 is the subject of an Evaluation and Options (E&O) agreement with an international sponsor for the exclusive sublicense of the registration and commercialization of BNT005 for use in dogs worldwide, except Argentina and Paraguay, where it has been already licensed for the same purpose to the Argentine laboratory Biotandil.


Visceral leishmaniasis affects between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people each year and has a mortality rate of 3%, according to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Spain, it is estimated that around 300 people suffer each year. It is a tropical disease that is transmitted through the bite of insects. The […]

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Bionaturis leishmaniasis vaccine patent granted in China

The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People’s Republic of China has granted to Bionaturis and CSIC the patent entitled “Chimeric molecule useful in immunotherapy for leishmaniasis, which includes a fragment of the protein of leishmania infantum with specific immunodominant epitopes “ under the number CN 201280045285. This patent belongs to the original patent family that protects the use and application of the candidate BNT005 for the treatment and prevention of canine visceral leishmaniasis.

BNT005 is currently subject to an Evaluation and Option (E&O) agreement with an international sponsor for the exclusive worldwide license to register and commercialize this vaccine against canine leishmaniasis in all countries except Argentina and Paraguay.

At the same time, BNT005 is also subject to an exclusive license agreement for registration, development, manufacture and marketing with Biotandil for the Argentine and Paraguayan markets. Under the agreement, Bionaturis will receive 50% of the profits from the commercial exploitation of the vaccine within the territory.

For the official disclosing Click here (only in Spanish)

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Bionaturis strengthens actions for reducing the use of antibiotics in the porcine industry

The biotechnological company takes part in the PROVACIN consortium, joined by partners Piensos Jimenez –leaders of the project- and Iberico Comercializacion (IBERCOM), with the main goal of reducing the use of antibiotics in white and iberian pigs
The PROVACIN project acts on the whole value chain of livestock industry, by applying different innovative solutions. It is co-founded by the Centre for Industrial and Technological Development (CDTI; Government of Spain) in the framework of the FEDER-Innterconecta 2016 Program. Bionaturis has been granted 267,360.00 Euros for the execution of the project.
Producers worldwide are looking for alternatives to make the use of antibiotics in animal industry sustainable, reducing practices that might lead to the rise of antimicrobial resistance while keeping or even improving quality of the final products.


Jerez de la Frontera, December 14, 2016.  Bionaturis continues its bet on providing solutions highly demanded by the Animal Health industry. The company has just announced its participation in the industrial consortium PROVACIN whose main goal is the design of new strategies for swine vaccination and breeding, aimed for making changes in the production of both white and Iberian pigs leading to a substantial reduction in the use of antibiotics as either preventive or therapeutic medication.

PROVACIN’s proposition is a coordinated approach acting on different aspects of animal farming, combining strategies of biosafety, prevention, feeding and handling. The project comprises innovation in feed additives, immunostimulants, and veterinary medicines. The project also assays safety and efficacy of new vaccines against common diseases in swine, immunomodulatory peptides, probiotics and natural ingredients.

Bionaturis CSO Dr. Juan José Infante explained: “PROVACIN gathers together all agents creating value in the industry, from the laboratory to the final consumer, under one common task. The aim is to adapt the production […]

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Bionaturis ability of innovation, on TV

The scientific TV program ‘El Cazador de Cerebros’ (in Spanish) has dedicated its last chapter of this season to the need of transferring the scientific knowledge from the labs to the consumers. The position of Bionaturis in the value chain of biotechnology and the advantages of our system FLYLIFE to develop and produce biological drugs appear as an example.

Our CTO, Felix Risco, and our CSO, Juan Jose Infante, were interviewed by Pere Estupinyà for this tv program, broadcast last Saturday 3rd, December, on the second channel of the Spanish Public Television.

To watch the complete program, please, click here (Only in Spanish)

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Bionaturis Group offer gains positions at BioSpain 2016

Bionaturis Group has ended up BioSpain 2016 with a positive outcome where Bionaturis, Biobide and ZIP Solutions delegates have bolstered existing contacts and started out new ones for future national and international collaborations, thanks to the varied and specialized offer of the biotechnological Group.

This edition, the participation of the biotechnological group has been fostered by two qualified speeches. The first one was focused on the competitive advantages the Group provides to customers that are already taking benefit from our services of development and production of biological medicines for human and animal health, as well as the preclinical research using the zebrafish animal model. The second one, led by the R&D Management Director of Biobide, Arantza Muriana -included in a special session of cosmetic sector headed by Histocell- was addressed to the new efficacy assays for the cosmetic sector launched by the subsidiary lately.

In addition, BioSpain 2016 was the first event in which ZIP Solutions has been presented as part of Bionaturis Group after its fully acquisition last spring. ZIP, located in Barcelona, adds more talent and offer to the Group with its proprietary system of purification Splittera, that has an exclusive and worldwide license to a leading multinational company.

“In this type of high-level events we have confirmed that Bionaturis Group offer is aligned with our customers needs. It is key that our innovative proposal of premium solutions provides unique advantages”, our delegates have stated at BioSpain, that have registered the attendance of nearly 1,500 visitors and 700 companies and institutions from 28 countries.

Here you are a summary of the participation of Bionaturis Group at Biospain 2016
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About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers premiums solutions for human and […]

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Bionaturis Group strengthens its presence in BioSpain 2016

The acquisition of ZIP Solutions strengthens the presence of Bionaturis Group in BIOSPAIN 2016, the biggest country-based event in Europe. The main goal of the biotechnological group in this international forum is increasing the number of national and international customers. In order to achieve this goal, Bionaturis Group will showcase the competitive advantages of our premium services of development of biotechnological active principles for human and animal health and preclinical research by using Zebrafish as animal model.

The capacity of Bionaturis Group has grown up recently after acquisition ZIP, including its two proprietary technologies – Zera® and Splittera. Both technologies are key for improving the design of biological active principles. Zera® leads to increasing production yields in any type of biofactory.  Additionally, it improves the antigenic properties of vaccines. Splittera -worldwide out-licensed to a leading multination company- is a revolutionary technology making protein purification by affinity more simple and universal. It also provides new methods for making antibody-drug conjugates and improvement reagents in diagnostics. After joining ZIP’s assets to those of Bionaturis and Biobide –a company specialized in development of toxicity and efficacy preclinical assays in Zebrafish -, “our total offer brings together into the same biotechnological group innovative and highly specialized solutions that have already built loyalty among customers from different sectors: companies making active principles for agriculture, livestock, petrochemical, cosmetics; pharmaceutical companies developing new candidates for cancer and minority diseases; or industrial groups leaders in offering technologies for production in biotechnology. In BIOSPAIN we are going to show why our services have given competitive advantages to these companies”, the Chief Scientific Officer, Juan Jose Infante, has stated.

The event, organized by the Spanish Association for Biotech Companies (ASEBIO, in Spanish), and SPRI (the Basque Agency for […]

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Biotechnology private investment increases

The biotech sector continues gaining relevance in the Spanish economy, according to the 2015 Asebio Report, recently published. Among the criteria that show this increasing trend, it is worth noting the private R&D investment, that has returned to growth with 3,75% (533.8 million Euros in 2014) after two consecutive years of downturn. This tendency contrasts to the needs of this sector, that requires an increase of the public economic aids for R&D in order to recuperate, at least, the previous levels to 2008.

“The figures of the report confirm that the biotech sector is a cornerstone in the Spanish economy. The growth in the R&D private investment points out that the companies have made a great effort to continue developing and innovating despite the numerous problems. These figures are endorsed internationally by the latest Ernst&Young Report – Beyond Borders- that shows how the global biotech sector reached a record figure of funding until 62,000 million Euros in 2015”, Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, has stated.

The invoicing volume is also very relevant considering that it has already reached 10.35% of the Spanish GDP, rubbing shoulders for the first time in the top ranking with other sectors such as Tourism. This indicator has not stopped growing up even during the crisis, period in which, precisely, it has registered a rise of more than 7%. In 2014 the sector overtook the record of 100,000 million Euros of invoicing and created 178,000 jobs (+3%).

The number of biotech companies (high-technology companies completely devoted to the sector, as Bionaturis Group) grew 13.36% in 2014. As in previous reports, the majority of these companies consider that the internationalization is very important for their growth, because of that, the 86% of the companies integrated in […]

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