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Bionaturis Group offer gains positions at BioSpain 2016

Bionaturis Group has ended up BioSpain 2016 with a positive outcome where Bionaturis, Biobide and ZIP Solutions delegates have bolstered existing contacts and started out new ones for future national and international collaborations, thanks to the varied and specialized offer of the biotechnological Group.

This edition, the participation of the biotechnological group has been fostered by two qualified speeches. The first one was focused on the competitive advantages the Group provides to customers that are already taking benefit from our services of development and production of biological medicines for human and animal health, as well as the preclinical research using the zebrafish animal model. The second one, led by the R&D Management Director of Biobide, Arantza Muriana -included in a special session of cosmetic sector headed by Histocell- was addressed to the new efficacy assays for the cosmetic sector launched by the subsidiary lately.

In addition, BioSpain 2016 was the first event in which ZIP Solutions has been presented as part of Bionaturis Group after its fully acquisition last spring. ZIP, located in Barcelona, adds more talent and offer to the Group with its proprietary system of purification Splittera, that has an exclusive and worldwide license to a leading multinational company.

“In this type of high-level events we have confirmed that Bionaturis Group offer is aligned with our customers needs. It is key that our innovative proposal of premium solutions provides unique advantages”, our delegates have stated at BioSpain, that have registered the attendance of nearly 1,500 visitors and 700 companies and institutions from 28 countries.

Here you are a summary of the participation of Bionaturis Group at Biospain 2016
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About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers premiums solutions for human and […]

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September newsletter

If you want to know Bionaturis Group latest news, here you are our September newsletter



Bionaturis Group strengthens its presence in BioSpain 2016


Biobide hits September with three international events

Let’s get to know…

Iñigo Hueso Zabaleta, 35 years old, born in San Sebastian. Degree at Marine Sciences by Vigo University.

-When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
I wanted to be a lot of different things, but I realised that it was imposible, so I thougth that I would like to be a very rich man to do everything. My mother still reminds me that occurrence….
-What do you like the most about your job?
It is very dinamic, new projects are always rising up.
-What are your future challenges?
Improving my English, restarting French and if I have time, there is a very interesting master in biotechnology.
-Your favourite dish
I don’t know… I like a great ox large steak, ‘pulpo a feira’, grilled angler fish or a good ratatouille.
-A place
Any small bay with few people in which I could scuba dive.
-A film
‘The Departed’, by Martin Scorsese.
-A historical figure
Lyn Margulis. He died recently, but I had the chance of being in one of his lectures and he makes me a great impression.
-A book
‘The name of the wind’, by Patrick Rothfuss.
-A song
‘Rojitas las orejas’, by Platero.
-What do you usually do in your free time?
I usually meet my friends in the gastronomic society, play a match or scuba dive.
-You can’t live without…
The sea.
-How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
I suppose we will be very dependent on technology and I hope that technology helps to reduce the differences between rich and poor countries and that also facilitates a turning point about pollution.

Iñigo has been working as a […]

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Bionaturis Group strengthens its presence in BioSpain 2016

The acquisition of ZIP Solutions strengthens the presence of Bionaturis Group in BIOSPAIN 2016, the biggest country-based event in Europe. The main goal of the biotechnological group in this international forum is increasing the number of national and international customers. In order to achieve this goal, Bionaturis Group will showcase the competitive advantages of our premium services of development of biotechnological active principles for human and animal health and preclinical research by using Zebrafish as animal model.

The capacity of Bionaturis Group has grown up recently after acquisition ZIP, including its two proprietary technologies – Zera® and Splittera. Both technologies are key for improving the design of biological active principles. Zera® leads to increasing production yields in any type of biofactory.  Additionally, it improves the antigenic properties of vaccines. Splittera -worldwide out-licensed to a leading multination company- is a revolutionary technology making protein purification by affinity more simple and universal. It also provides new methods for making antibody-drug conjugates and improvement reagents in diagnostics. After joining ZIP’s assets to those of Bionaturis and Biobide –a company specialized in development of toxicity and efficacy preclinical assays in Zebrafish -, “our total offer brings together into the same biotechnological group innovative and highly specialized solutions that have already built loyalty among customers from different sectors: companies making active principles for agriculture, livestock, petrochemical, cosmetics; pharmaceutical companies developing new candidates for cancer and minority diseases; or industrial groups leaders in offering technologies for production in biotechnology. In BIOSPAIN we are going to show why our services have given competitive advantages to these companies”, the Chief Scientific Officer, Juan Jose Infante, has stated.

The event, organized by the Spanish Association for Biotech Companies (ASEBIO, in Spanish), and SPRI (the Basque Agency for […]

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