Víctor Infante talks about: ASEBIO Report 2016


QUESTION: In terms of KPIs, the report points out that companies in which biotechnology is its core activity has led the growth ranking during 2015. Has Bionaturis been involved in this growth? If so, in what way?


ANSWER: Bionaturis group is showing a growing trend at both organic and inorganic levels. For example, in the period 2012-15 our recurring net sales grew at 24.1% CAGR and in the year ended 2016 we have grown again 24.9% YoY. In terms of inorganic growth, we fully acquired Biobide in 2014- the world leader CRO in the use of zebrafish as an animal- and ZIP Solutions -former Era Biotech- in 2016 being triggered by the signing of an exclusive worldwide license agreement of ZIP´s Splittera system to a multinational sector. Thus, our high value portfolio of premium assets is growing at a steady pace and now our strategic purpose is to optimize as much as possible their ROI in the coming years.


QUESTION: The report says that the biotechnology sector has not been able yet to recover itself for the sharp drop back in 2013. However, in 2015 the economic impact of the biotech companies has reached 8.6% of Spanish GDP coming from a 10.35% figure for 2014. Shall we expect to see a positive uptrend or is it dependent on perspective?


ANSWER: As always, the data have to be analyzed from many angles and perspectives. The overall figure is positive because it could be that we are seeing a new upward trend that will have to be confirmed in the following years. For me it is more important not only to compare it in isolation on the overall impact on Spanish GDP but how we are at a relative level […]

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