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Bionaturis strengthens actions for reducing the use of antibiotics in the porcine industry

The biotechnological company takes part in the PROVACIN consortium, joined by partners Piensos Jimenez –leaders of the project- and Iberico Comercializacion (IBERCOM), with the main goal of reducing the use of antibiotics in white and iberian pigs
The PROVACIN project acts on the whole value chain of livestock industry, by applying different innovative solutions. It is co-founded by the Centre for Industrial and Technological Development (CDTI; Government of Spain) in the framework of the FEDER-Innterconecta 2016 Program. Bionaturis has been granted 267,360.00 Euros for the execution of the project.
Producers worldwide are looking for alternatives to make the use of antibiotics in animal industry sustainable, reducing practices that might lead to the rise of antimicrobial resistance while keeping or even improving quality of the final products.


Jerez de la Frontera, December 14, 2016.  Bionaturis continues its bet on providing solutions highly demanded by the Animal Health industry. The company has just announced its participation in the industrial consortium PROVACIN whose main goal is the design of new strategies for swine vaccination and breeding, aimed for making changes in the production of both white and Iberian pigs leading to a substantial reduction in the use of antibiotics as either preventive or therapeutic medication.

PROVACIN’s proposition is a coordinated approach acting on different aspects of animal farming, combining strategies of biosafety, prevention, feeding and handling. The project comprises innovation in feed additives, immunostimulants, and veterinary medicines. The project also assays safety and efficacy of new vaccines against common diseases in swine, immunomodulatory peptides, probiotics and natural ingredients.

Bionaturis CSO Dr. Juan José Infante explained: “PROVACIN gathers together all agents creating value in the industry, from the laboratory to the final consumer, under one common task. The aim is to adapt the production […]

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Bionaturis fights against antibiotic resistances offering alternatives for animal health

Antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance is nowadays one of the most serious threats for global health, food safety and development, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In the last decades, its massive use spread to treat diseases both in human as well as in production animals, which favored that infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis or septicemia be now more and more difficult to cure, as the bacteria have become resistant to this type of drugs. In fact, experts from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimates that 25,000 deaths are occurring annually in Europe due to this type of superbacteria, as commonly known.

In addition to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in human health, as the WHO has pointed out, another relevant cause that is dangerously speeding up this subject is the widespread use of these drugs in production animals –both livestock as well as aquaculture- to prevent diseases or as growth promoters. In this way, this international institution encourages for preventive actions in the agro-food sector which include: the use of antibiotics in animals only under strict veterinary supervision and just to treat diseases; avoid their use as growth promoters, always choosing vaccination and other alternatives instead of antibiotics; and promote biological safety on farms.

Being aware of the significance of this universal problem, one of the main business approaches of Bionaturis is focused in developing alternatives to antibiotics in animal health, either vaccines –as WHO recommends -or feed additives, able to meet the needs of producers and food requirements in the world. BNT006, a growth promoter and immune enhancer for poultry and swine, which is already on the market in Mexico and in registration phase in China, addressed this goal. The application […]

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