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Bionaturis Group takes part in two events in USA in June

Bionaturis Group representatives will showcase the biotechnological group offer in two relevant events in USA in June: the World Preclinical Congress (Boston) and the Bio International Convention (San Diego).

Biobide’s Management Director, Arantza Muriana, will take part in the first one, attending the programme Predicting Drug Toxicity and she will present the scientific poster titled “Toxicity Profiling Using a Battery of Assays in Zebrafish Embryos Including Teratogenicity, Behavior, Cardiotoxicity, Ototoxicity and Hepatotoxicity“ on 13 and 14th, June. “Our experience and broad offer of assays with zebrafish as animal model as well as the importance that USA has for Biobide –our subsidiary is located in Maryland and we are included in the exclusive group of Spanish companies that work with the NIEHS- turn the World Preclinical Congress into an essential event to consolidate the relationships with our current customers and stablish new ones”, Arantza Muriana has stated.

The World Preclinical Congress will tackle the latest trends and technologies related to the drug discovery. It is a multidisciplinary event attended by experts from different sectors such as chemical, biological and pharmaceutical ones, among others.

To arrange a meeting with Biobide in Boston, please, write to

For further information about the World Preclinical Congress, visit its official website.

Attending the Bio International Convention once again

Bionaturis Group will not miss its annual appointment with the global biotechnology taking part in the Bio International Convention, considered the most relevant event in the biotechnological sector worldwide. From 19 to 22th, June, Biobide’s General Manager, Andoni Cruz, and Bionaturis CSO, Juan Jose Infante, will showcase the broad offer of premium products and services for Human and Animal Health in this relevant forum in Bionaturis Group schedule.

Bionaturis Group arrives to this international forum after signing relevant license […]

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Bionaturis Group strengthens its presence in BioSpain 2016

The acquisition of ZIP Solutions strengthens the presence of Bionaturis Group in BIOSPAIN 2016, the biggest country-based event in Europe. The main goal of the biotechnological group in this international forum is increasing the number of national and international customers. In order to achieve this goal, Bionaturis Group will showcase the competitive advantages of our premium services of development of biotechnological active principles for human and animal health and preclinical research by using Zebrafish as animal model.

The capacity of Bionaturis Group has grown up recently after acquisition ZIP, including its two proprietary technologies – Zera® and Splittera. Both technologies are key for improving the design of biological active principles. Zera® leads to increasing production yields in any type of biofactory.  Additionally, it improves the antigenic properties of vaccines. Splittera -worldwide out-licensed to a leading multination company- is a revolutionary technology making protein purification by affinity more simple and universal. It also provides new methods for making antibody-drug conjugates and improvement reagents in diagnostics. After joining ZIP’s assets to those of Bionaturis and Biobide –a company specialized in development of toxicity and efficacy preclinical assays in Zebrafish -, “our total offer brings together into the same biotechnological group innovative and highly specialized solutions that have already built loyalty among customers from different sectors: companies making active principles for agriculture, livestock, petrochemical, cosmetics; pharmaceutical companies developing new candidates for cancer and minority diseases; or industrial groups leaders in offering technologies for production in biotechnology. In BIOSPAIN we are going to show why our services have given competitive advantages to these companies”, the Chief Scientific Officer, Juan Jose Infante, has stated.

The event, organized by the Spanish Association for Biotech Companies (ASEBIO, in Spanish), and SPRI (the Basque Agency for […]

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Bionaturis Group shows its premium solutions for human and animal health to the Bio International Convention 2016

The Bio International Convention 2016 once again will be an essential meeting point in the Bionaturis Group schedule. This event, considered the most important in the biotech sector worldwide, will be held on 6-9th of June in San Francisco (California).

Bionaturis Group is present at the Bio Convention 2016 after a year in which it has strengthened its positioning in the US market after the signing of a contract between Biobide and the US National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS), one of the most prestigious and demanding health institutions in the world. Biobide, the Bionaturis Group company that are experts in the use of the zebrafish model, also founded a subsidiary in Maryland in the same year.

In addition, Bionaturis will also highlight at the Bio Convention 2016 the new premium solutions in its portfolio which includes six new developments, five of which are for animal health.  These new developments point to several high-relevance diseases in livestock and pets, such as atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis (or arthrosis) and different types of cancer. The global Animal Health sector represented an annual figure of $100 billion in 2014. In this area, drugs and vaccines reach until $23 billion (USD) with a CAGR of 6% for 2013-2017.

Bionaturis Group delegates in this edition are the chief scientific officer in Bionaturis, Juan J. Infante, the general Manager of Biobide, Andoni Cruz, and the Global Sales Manager in Bionaturis Group, Eli Kehrli. Biobide’s booth is in the Biobosque Region, inside the Spanish Pavillion (Booth 605). The applications of one-to-one meetings with Bionaturis Group delegates can be arranged emailing to

Consolidation and new contacts

The main goals of Bionaturis Group in this worldwide event are focused on the consolidation and monitoring of current customers and in […]

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Bionaturis Group consolidates its international scope in 2015 Bio Convention

Bionaturis and BBD BioPhenix – the two companies that comprise the Bionaturis Group –  have solidified their international scope in the latest edition of the Bio Convention, held this year in Philadelphia and considered an annual landmark in the worldwide biotech sector. During the event, our delegates engaged in significant one-on-one meetings with current and future customers demonstrating the increasing interest in the Group.

Bionaturis Development Area Manager, Dr. Juan Jose Infante; BBD BioPhenix General Manager, Mr. Andoni Cruz; and the Global Sales Manager, Mr. Eli Kehrli, were the Group’s delegates at the most important global biotech event of the year which brings together more than 15,000 biotech companies from 65 different countries.

The main goals of Bionaturis were focused on the consolidation and monitoring of current customers and in establishing new contacts with future customers and partners. In human health, Bionaturis progressed in its collaboration with BMI, a strategic partner in the US, for the joint development and manufacture of a recently validated antiviral vaccine technology on the Groups expression platform, Flylife. In animal health, Bionaturis’ delegates, Dr. Infante and Mr. Kehrli, held bilateral meetings with the business development managers of the largest multinational vet companies that represented both current customers as well as potential future collaborators. During these meetings, they dealt with key issues for the licensing of products currently in Bionaturis’ portfolio.

According to Dr. Infante, “with a more and more complete portfolio, our potential partners can find in Bionaturis Group a wide variety of possibilities that positions Bionaturis Group as the perfect partner in the development of biological medicines for both human and animal health. Being conscious of the changing requirements of the market, our business model adapts perfectly to the needs of each […]

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BBD BioPhenix works in cardiovascular, neurological and oncological diseases

Cardiovascular, neurological, oncological and SNC diseases can be researched by the zebrafish as animal model. BBD BioPhenix is developing several research projects in these areas applying the versatility and flexibility of this animal model.

In particular, in the cardiovascular area BBD intends to determine the therapeutic efficacy of some compounds in the treatment of some diseases besides identifying potential toxicities in the compounds to guarantee its safety.

In the oncological area, the experts of BBD BioPhenix aims to elucidate the tumor generation capacity and the teratoxicity of several compounds. Finally, they are also evaluating the neuroprotective and neurotoxic effects of certain compounds. For this, besides other techniques, they use the behavioral study in zebrafish, which contributes to the development of potential medicines against Alzheimer, among other neurodegenerative diseases.

“The unique advantages of zebrafish let us to design and launch important initiatives to progress in key discoveries to combat fatal pathologies”, the general manager of BBD BioPhenix, Andoni Cruz, states.

If you want to know more about BBD and its research projects, please click here.

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More capacity, results and higher speed by BBD BioPhenix automated platform

One of the main features of BBD BioPhenix (Bionaturis Group) is its automated high throughput screening platform. Due to this process developed by the company, they are able to reproduce the manual process of screening in a 96-well plate format ‘in vivo’ with zebrafish embryos.

There are many advantages for using this High-Content Screening platform (HCS):

-Higher analysis capacity: it is able to test more compounds in less time.
-Higher speed: the higher analysis capacity shortens testing times, with zebrafish embryos.
-More relevant information: the automated high-content screening in zebrafish (in vivo) gives more information than in vitro screenings, because the study is based on an organism rather than on an isolated cell.

“Our system is designed to offer the best results in the assays. We have the capability of developing some of the process in an automated way which is a great advantage for the specificity, sensitivity and repeatability of the results”, the general manager of BBD BioPhenix, Andoni Cruz, has stated.

If you want to know more about BBD BioPhenix, please click here.

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Andoni Cruz, BBD BioPhenix: “This new stage with Bionaturis is a big opportunity to grow in international markets”

Bionaturis acquired last May the company BBD BioPhenix, a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. Its general manager, Andoni Cruz, highlights the main values of the company and the challenges they are facing from now on after this movement with Bionaturis.

-What is the outstanding value of BBD?

BBD is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that uses the zebra fish as animal model for drug screening. Comparing  to other alternatives using this model we can talk about eight years of cumulative experience. One of our main features that makes us different from the competition is the orientation to tailor-made assays to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers, from different sectors such as the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agrochemical, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries, always needed of customized solutions. Moreover, BBD is one of the first zebra fish CRO that is working under GLPs (Good Laboratory Practices) and our track record working with multinational companies is a great presentation card.

-How are you facing this new period with Bionaturis? In what values are both coinciding?

This new time ahead of us is an opportunity to grow in international markets with the solid financial and commercial support of Bionaturis. The access to the Chinese and LATAM markets, using Bionaturis current position will mean a turning point in the growing expectations of the company.

On the other hand, I stand out the high level of synergies that both companies have in their business philosophy and vision, with the recruitment and retention of talent and innovation as their rock-solid bases.  Both companies share the goal of seeking solutions to optimize the drug discovery and production processes that will make easier to people to access cutting-edge drugs with the final common goal of democratizing the […]

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