Biotechnology bets on vaccines

The research on vaccines has found a great partner in biotechnology. Nowadays, 30 out of 80 biological products in latest stages of clinical development are biological vaccines to fight currently unmet diseases. According to BIOTECH MAGAZINE, while in Asia and South America the great concern are diseases such as dengue, in Western countries the infections acquired in hospitals (called nosocomial infections) are becoming an increasing problem.

In this way, Bionaturis is taking part in the public-private consortium Adelis, looking for alternatives to traditional antibiotics to tackle the more and more common phenomena of resistance.

Tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, and leishmaniasis, among others, are diseases for what biotechnology is actively looking for solutions. Hence, Bionaturis is developing a recombinant vaccine against canine visceral leishmaniasis that has already shown efficacy and safety in mice and beagle dogs.

For further information on biotechnology advances on vaccines, please click here

March 25th, 2014|Blog english|0 Comments

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