Bionaturis Signs Binding Agreement With ADL For Integration Operation

• Bionaturis and ADL Biopharma will create a European biotechnological benchmark.
• The integration operation is subject to the pertinent approvals.
• After the integration, a capital increase is planned to enhance the free-float, the liquidity of the shares and to finance the growth of the integrated company
• Black Toro Capital, the fully owners of ADL Biopharma, will control 85% of the resulting company.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT) have just signed a binding integration agreement with ADL Biopharma, a company specialized in industrial bioprocessing of fermentation-based products with applications in human and animal health.This integration agreement aims to build-up a European leader in red biotechnology, focused mainly on the development and commercialization of high-value fermentation-based bioproducts.Bionaturis will add its capacity to develop premium products and its position as a reference partner of the One Health concept, and ADL will contribute with one of the biggest fermentation sites in Europe and with a broad customer portfolio. The integration will produce many synergies for both companies, highlighting the level of complementarity of their customers and products. The resulting company will offer a broader spectrum of products and services, covering different features and needs of the steady growing human and animal health sectors.

Pilar de la Huerta, CEO of ADL Biopharma, has stated: “Bionaturis innovation capacity along with the industrial capacity of ADL will expand quickly our products and market opportunities, enhancing our growth significantly, and positioning the integrated company as a leader in Southern Europe in the development and production of fermentation bioproducts for human and animal applications”.

For Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis Group, as a reference partner in the One Health concept the operation “will increase our customer base, expand the industrial production capacity of our premium products and will enhance our innovation in the fields of human and animal health. The new structure will help us optimize the […]

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Labiana Life Sciences and Bionaturis Group sign strategic agreement in animal health

Bionaturis Group and the animal health branch of Labiana Group (Labiana Life Sciences) have signed a strategic Letter of Intent to explore business synergies for leveraging both companies value. The cornerstones of the agreement are addressed to the analysis of licensing opportunities for Labiana within the current Bionaturis development portfolio; joint development options of new Food Production Animals outstanding solutions; other strategic business collaborations such as distribution and manufacturing agreements or joint venture.

According to Bionaturis Group’s CEO, Victor Infante, “this agreement means a lot for Bionaturis Group in our continue effort of generating value to our shareholders while bringing premium solutions to the animal health market place. It reinforces our position as a partner of choice in this highly-growth market. Labiana has a broad track record and expertise in the field and we are convinced that this agreement is the starting point of a fruitful long lasting relationship“.

Labiana’s CSO, Maria Jesus Crespo, has stated, “this agreement will allow Labiana enhancing and strengthening our portfolio of solutions for the animal health market, in which our development efforts have been devoted in recent years. Work along a company like Bionaturis, having a promising development portfolio and biological solutions for animal health, will allow Labiana to improve its position in a high-added value and steady growing sector ”.

For further information about the letter of intent, here you are the official disclosing (Relevant information)

About Labiana Group

Labiana Group was founded in 1958 as one of the first animal nutrition companies in Spain. Labiana operates through two companies: Labiana Life Sciences (animal health) and Labiana Pharmaceuticals (human). With an industrial track record of more than 50 years, 2 GMP sites in Barcelona industrial area, products registered and market in 25+ countries, Labiana […]

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US Allotropic Tech and Bionaturis Group join forces

Bionaturis Group and the US-biotech company Allotropic Tech has signed an agreement to work together in the development of biological products for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, nutritional, and cosmetic industries, among others. Allotropic Tech’s personnel are pioneers in the field of expression systems in insects such as FLYLIFE. 

According to Bionaturis Group’s CEO, Victor Infante, “with this agreement, Bionaturis Group continues adding up strategic alliances and improving its competitiveness. Allotropic’s team is composed of recognized experts at using insects to express difficult to obtain proteins, and therefore, one more value added for our clients and development partners. This agreement will also allow us to broaden our product portfolio”.

Allotropic’s CEO, Robert Balcerzak, has stated “we look forward to collaborating with Bionaturis in advancing the expression of proteins in insects and are particularly excited about drawing on Bionaturis’ worldwide sales presence”.

About Allotropic

Allotropic Tech is located in Baltimore MD USA with facilities located in the mid-Atlantic corridor region. Allotropic Tech has extensive experience supplying recombinant proteins with particular emphasis on supplying proteins to government laboratories, university research departments and corporate R&D departments.

About Bionaturis

The Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in the vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisages a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT).


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Bionaturis signs a strategic agreement for its corporate expansion in China

As part of the agreement, Bionaturis Group will establish its first subsidiary company in China in the new technological area of Changshu (Jiangsu).

The new technological and industrial area of Changshu has been the one which has relied most on hosting the Spanish biotechnological group.

Bionaturis’ system for the development of biological medicinal products, known as Flylife, will serve as a baseline for the project.

Jerez de la Frontera, July 2nd 2015. Bionaturis Group and the Administrative Committee of Changshu New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone –CNZ- (Jiangsu) – have signed a strategic agreement to host a subsidiary company of the biotechnological Spanish group, which will serve to develop and allocate biotechnological products in the Asian market.

As part of the agreement, within the park Bionaturis Group will have cutting-edge facilities in order to carry out its activities, as well as a diversity of direct incentive programs. In a first phase, facilities of 600 meters squared have been set out, which include a laboratory area and an administrative one. The laboratory area will host, among other services, Bionaturis’ biological medical production system, known as Flylife, and its capacity to develop state-of-the-art vaccines for human and animal health. In the new subsidiary company, the Spanish Group will also have a development department as well as a commercial office.

Currently, Bionaturis Group develops, at different stages, a variety of medicines intended for human health, as well as veterinary products that act or prevent habitual diseases in livestock (poultry, pigs, cattle…), farmed fish and pet animals.

Victor Infante, Chief Executive of Bionaturis Group, believes that “China is and will increasingly be one of the main markets in human and animal health. The commitment of Changshu’s authorities to host Bionaturis Group is a proof of […]

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Bionaturis and the US-Biotech company BMI sign an agreement for the jointly development of human and animal vaccines

The goal of this strategic partnership is to join forces to bring to market new and improved biopharmeutical products.

As the first step of this agreement, Bionaturis Group will support the manufacturing development of a first-in-class vaccine to prevent the human common cold.


Jerez, June 18th 2015. Bionaturis Group and Biological Mimetics, Inc., -BMI- (based in Maryland, USA) has started a new strategic collaboration agreement to jointly develop new vaccines for human and animal health applications.

In the context of this agreement Bionaturis Group will use its proprietary FLYLIFE platform for the production of experimental batches of vaccines designed using BMI’s Immune Refocusing Technology (IRT). Specifically, as part of the agreement, Bionaturis Group has begun the works corresponding to the manufacturing proof of concept of a candidate of BMI of a first in man vaccine against Human Rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold as well as primary infant viral pneumonia and its known associations with asthma.

According to the National Center of Health, in the United States there are around 62 million cases annually of common cold with human rhinovirus infection being the culprit for about 35% of them. There are over 100 different types of rhinoviruses, which makes developing a vaccine against rhinoviruses difficult. According to experts, the economic consequences of absenteeism from work, school and primary care services caused by the common cold have an impact, only in the United States economy, between 35 and 40 billion US dollars a year.

The lead of BMI is designed to become the first in man cross serotype vaccine on the market to prevent and/or limit clinical complications from infection. The vaccine is to undergo preclinical and process development and evaluation, carrying out safety, immunogenicity and efficacy trials using both […]

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Roche and Oryzon, a historic agreement for Spanish Biotechnology

Roche has bought the rights to an experimental drug from Spain’s Oryzon Genomics that can switch on genes to block cancer growth, as the Swiss drugmaker looks to maintain its dominance in the lucrative field of oncology. The world’s largest maker of cancer drugs will pay Barcelona-based Oryzon $21 million in upfront and near-term milestone payments and could pay out more than $500 million if the company meets other goals. The deal will give Roche rights to Oryzon’s experimental drug ORY-1001 which was granted orphan drug status by European health regulators last year and is currently in early-stage clinical testing for acute myeloid leukaemia. Roche will also pay up to mid-double digit percentage royalties if the drug makes it to market.

ORY-1001 works by blocking an enzyme called Lysine Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1), which turns off genes and has been identified as playing a role in certain types of leukaemia.The deal includes a two-year collaboration to develop LSD1 inhibitors at Roche’s Translational Clinical Research Centre in New York.

From all the Bionaturis´ team, just to say congratulations to our colleagues of Oryzon and the best wishes for the hard work ahead with Roche!

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