Bionaturis Group has received notification of the approval of two patents of the same family by the Chinese (SIPO) and Japanese (JPO) offices, conferring protection in both territories, two of the most important markets worldwide.The patent entitled “Split inteins and uses thereof”, contributes to the protection of the Splittera system, joining to the protection already conferred in the main European markets.

These patents are of special relevance for Bionaturis group since Splittera is subject of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with a top leading multinational company, for its commercialization in the industrial purification of biological products. The agreement contemplates upfront, milestone-payments and royalties for sales. This agreement is a proof of principle of the usefulness and added value of Splittera for the biopharmaceutical sector, which presents a global expected market figure worth of 236 billion dollars by 2019.
Splittera is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses for the production of peptides and recombinant proteins at industrial scale.

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