Bionaturis Group and the animal health branch of Labiana Group (Labiana Life Sciences) have signed a strategic Letter of Intent to explore business synergies for leveraging both companies value. The cornerstones of the agreement are addressed to the analysis of licensing opportunities for Labiana within the current Bionaturis development portfolio; joint development options of new Food Production Animals outstanding solutions; other strategic business collaborations such as distribution and manufacturing agreements or joint venture.

According to Bionaturis Group’s CEO, Victor Infante, “this agreement means a lot for Bionaturis Group in our continue effort of generating value to our shareholders while bringing premium solutions to the animal health market place. It reinforces our position as a partner of choice in this highly-growth market. Labiana has a broad track record and expertise in the field and we are convinced that this agreement is the starting point of a fruitful long lasting relationship“.

Labiana’s CSO, Maria Jesus Crespo, has stated, “this agreement will allow Labiana enhancing and strengthening our portfolio of solutions for the animal health market, in which our development efforts have been devoted in recent years. Work along a company like Bionaturis, having a promising development portfolio and biological solutions for animal health, will allow Labiana to improve its position in a high-added value and steady growing sector ”.

For further information about the letter of intent, here you are the official disclosing (Relevant information)

About Labiana Group

Labiana Group was founded in 1958 as one of the first animal nutrition companies in Spain. Labiana operates through two companies: Labiana Life Sciences (animal health) and Labiana Pharmaceuticals (human). With an industrial track record of more than 50 years, 2 GMP sites in Barcelona industrial area, products registered and market in 25+ countries, Labiana is a renowned global leader in development, manufacturing & marketing of injectable solutions for the animal health market

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis Group offers premiums solutions for human and animal health and currently comprises four companies and two subsidiaries in six different locations around the world. The animal health division of the biotechnology group showcases a broad product portfolio of products and services addressed to highly lucrative niche markets. Bionaturis is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (trading code BNT).