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    • Bionaturis Group gets a new patent in USA


  • 2016 in Bionaturis Group in a brief

Let’s get to know…

Victor Buzon Redorta, 37 years old, born in Sant Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona). PhD at Biochemistry by Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona.



Víctor Buzón
-When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?

  • As nearly every children, an astronaut.
  • -What do you like the most about your job?
  • The satisfaction of designing, executing and analyzing the results of an essay and checking that everything resulted as planned (both positive and negative results).
  • -What are your future challenges?
  • I have just landed on ZIP Solutions, so I want to learn as much as I can.
  • -Your favourite dish
  • Escalivada amb anxoves: a toast with red pepper and roasted aubergines, tuna from Palamos and anchovies from La Escala (a little fishing village in the Costa Brava).
  • -A place
  • Menorca, especially Cap de Favàritx, in the northeast coast of Menorca.
  • -A film
  • ‘Seven’, by David Fincher.
  • -A historical figure
  • Albert Einstein.
  • -A book
  • As biochemist from the Bio field, a pair of them: ‘The selfish gene, by Richard Dawkins; and ‘Le hasard et la nécessité. Essai sur la philosophie naturelle de la biologie moderne’, by Jacques Monod.
  • -A song
  • ‘Common people’, by Pulp.
  • -What do you usually do in your free time?
  • Spending time with my family, practising sports and reading.
  • -You can’t live without…
  • El pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomatoe)
  • -How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
  • Totally based on technology and where the personalized medicine will become reality.
Victor has been working as a Senior Scientist in ZIP Solutions (Bionaturis Group) since September, 2016.

Bionaturis Group gets a new patent in USA

The US Patent Office has recently granted the patent applied by Bionaturis group –titled “Formulations for the non-invasive administration of active proteins in animals or humans”-devoted to protect an invention for obtaining active proteins directly anchored in the lipids of the living organism that works as a biofactory, especially in the case of insects. “This invention now patented by our company in USA offers relevant practical applications for our development, now and in the future, both for human and animal health” […] Read more

2016 in Bionaturis Group in a brief

Along this ending year, Bionaturis Group has continued adding value to its shareholders incorporating ZIP Solutions and its groundbreaking assets to the Group portfolio, including a worldwide exclusive license contract of Splittera to a top leader. Besides, an ever growing bunch of new customers, partners, patents, products, services, strategic alliances, etc., positioned the biotech group as the partner of choice to have access to premium solutions for human and animal health […] Read more


Relevant info. Significant shares: Significant shares on December 31st, 2016 (Only in Spanish) (09/01/2017 18.22)

Relevant info. Operations and guarantees about actives: Corporate guarantee related to the debt issuance by BNT Pacific Limited (Only in Spanish) (22/12/2016 19:56h)


Relevant info. R&D results, licenses, patents and products: New patent in USA (Only in Spanish) (22/12/2016 8:16h)

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