thumbnail_fran bascon Last 5th and 6th of February, Bionaturis was present at VIV-MEA , the most important animal health evento of the EMA region.


Abu Dhabi turned for a few days into a neuralgic animal health center for production animals  for the Middle East and Africa.

Our sales manager, Fran Bascon, event assistant, tells us first-hand impressions.



1. VIV-MEA is an event indexes in animal health for the zone that concentrates visitors and companies from many countries and places of the world. Which were the aims of the Group Bionaturis in this event?

Our attendance to the event has been a great opportunity for 1) gaining more knowledge and insights of the market in Middle East, 2) consolidate the strategic relations we already have in the territory and 3) finding new synergies. Middle East is a huge market that is demanding and consuming innovative products at a very fast pace (for instance, the use of probiotics for animal feed has grown 600% in the past 5 years). Products with a strong scientific background and a solid development are highly desired and in that sense, Bionaturis has a lot to value to deliver.

In terms of number of European companies in the event, the attendance has been pretty significant. Despite the fact that there is a homologous event in Europe, all the big players were in the event, thus highlighting the importance of this region and the opportunity of entering in that market.

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2. During the day, took place events about networking  and you had the possibility of meeting several companies from the region, how you value the VIV-MEA event as forum to find new opportunities of business?

The event was the perfect environment to gain first-hand experience of the market in Middle East, their challenges and opportunities and the particular issues of the region. We had the chance to meet with more than 15 companies and share with them what we do in Bionaturis as well as the innovative portfolio that we have in the veterinary field. We also did the most of this event in order to introduce the recent acquisition of ADL, perceiving a high rate of acceptance. Indeed, we were able to open some opportunities for the portfolio of products and services of ADL. To put it in a nutshell, we have learnt lot from the region, we have met a great deal of companies and we have created some business opportunities, thus the overall rate of the event is highly positive.


3. The MEA area set out as a clear increasing power in many sectors, have you estimated some significant difference as  the concept #OneHealth from Europe?

Although the concept of OneHealth is more developed in Europe, the MEA region is embracing it very quickly. An example of this fact was the high interest that most of the companies showed with our products. Our portfolio´s main feature is spinning around the concept of OneHelath, from a highly disruptive and breakthrough approach, delivering value to the whole chain. That is the reason that makes Bionaturis the partner of choice for innovation in Animal health. Both distributors and laboratories are demanding high value, Premium products like the ones that Bionaturis offers.

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4. Which is the result that you expect to obtain after your assistance to the VIV-MEA event?

In general, the main scope of a commercial and promotional action is to create new business opportunities that may lead to the company growth. In that sense, we achieved our goal by far, creating several business opportunities for Bionaturis and ADL, mainly in Iran, which is the most important market of the region as well as the most complex. We are also evaluating some opportunities with the main laboratories and distributors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Arabic Emirates.