Contract Research Organization (CRO)

The CRO (Contract Research Organization) Business Unit offers drug discovery and development premium services to third parties. Biobide, the brand worldwide leader in the zebrafish animal model, offers standard and tailor made toxicity and efficacy in-vivo assays to a wide range of sectors including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical, petrochemical, and agrochemical.

Hit to lead (H2L) high throughput assays, standard toxicity tests, customized efficacy, target validation and tailor-made diseases model generation, are part of Biobide rich offer, addressing customer specific needs.

Biobide currently has a subsidiary in USA.

Also included in the CRO Business Unit are the R&D services offered by Bionaturis to develop active ingredients for pharmaceutical, veterinarian and agrochemical companies and public research institutions. Thanks to its vast experience in the development of biological, Bionaturis offers unique solutions to meet its customers’ needs. These R&D services cover a wide range of offerings from the design of active ingredients, based on recombinant proteins, small scale protein expression optimization and cloning, all the way to large, multi-year milestones leaded to the industry, such as hormones, immunomodulatory drugs or treatments against infections, inflammations or cancer.