Bionaturis offers outstanding platforms intended to bring new biological applications to the animal health market place. Thinking about entering the biological space or broadening your offer? Check below the available tools offered by Bionaturis to make the most of your biological experience.


Disruptive Technology For Protein Expression and Purification

  • Site-specific protein modification: Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)
  • Molecular Diagnosis – Site specific immobilization, site specific labeling

Splittera has been already validated as a universal high-yield tool for purification of tag-less proteins. As a result, Splittera has been the subject of an exclusive worldwide license to a top-leader for developing and commercializing an Splittera-based resin for protein purifications at R&D and industrial level.

For protein purification, Splittera is available for developing programs on premarket terms. Available for ADC applications. Ask for terms and conditions at


Universalization of the immune response raised by recombinant vaccines and DNA vaccines plus elimination of the cold-chain for stability by formation of metastable nanostructures comprising the antigen before delivery (subunit vaccines; extracellular) or after delivery (DNA vaccines; intracellular).

Zera vaccines has been validated by in-vitro and in-vivo proof of concept. Zera Subunit Vaccines is subject of a R&D license to a global top-5 vet tier-1 for the expression and recovery of hard to obtain recombinant antigens. Already validated in field trials. Ask for terms and conditions at

FLYLIFE: Cost-effective biological products manufacturing.

From me-too recombinant antigens to low molecular weight antibodies, Bionaturis FLYLIFE team has successfully expressed and released batches of a broad portfolio of protein-based products for therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic applications. FLYLIFE-produced antigens have been validated in field trials. Looking for a reliable supply of recombinant antigens? Ask for terms and conditions at