usHis Twitter’s account gives us some tracks on him….


” There is nothing more powerful than an idea which his time has come to him “

But we are going to know him more…

-MIGUEL, define you in 140 characters.

With 30 years of age behind my back! I consider myself a humble and hard-working person, with the desire to learn day after day to be able to excel in everything what the life puts me ahead. Carried away of animals. I have a Siberian Husky that it is quite for me, and in addition, he ask me every day for a visceral canine Leshismaniasis vaccine.

-QUESTION: Now that we already know a bit more of you, tell us Miguel, how did you discover Bionaturis and what it is you turns out more attractive of this group?

For the year 2014 in full summit of Mab they spoke to me about two companies with a great future and one of them was Bionaturis. In them, I saw a promising business and a few incredible perspectives of future.

-QUESTION: What sparked your attention our your personal motivation to invest in this group?

The biotechnology, of which it had not even idea (I am of the IT world) and it woke my curiosity up. Can we create a vaccine from a butterfly?  Treat a dog? If gentlemen, we can treat a dog from a butterfly! Something off the hook! In this moment with 12 BNT in process of study and with the FlyLife technology in full summit. I thought: why not to invest my money in this company?

-QUESTION: Related to other advanced economies, Spain presents an abnormally low  number of investors of minority type which do you think about the principal motives and what measures you would put in going in order that this number settles down with about other economies?

The ignorance that exists of what means the stock market and therefore the fear of losing everything. Cases as Popular, Abengoa does not help to that the people invest his small savings in the Spanish bag, since tomorrow you can lose everything if you do not invest in a controlled way. Also there are important cases of revaluation and nevertheless so many transcendency is not given them. In addition, bought still slightly mature as the Alternative Stock exchange Market there do not help very much for his little follow-up and volume, which is in the habit of being a propitious area for the speculation. Recent measures like the indexes IBEX MAB 15 or IBEX MAB ALL-AUDIENCE SHARE can help to normalize this market and that the investors see that with a good selection of portfolio of own MAB interesting profitabilities can be obtained.

– QUESTION: As retail qualified investor which is your strategy of investment?

To look for companies with a crossed length and to trust in them. It is like to have the money in an account I save, but if trust in the company and it does well, your investment will give you more profitability. This is the strategy that I follow in BNT, I´m accumulating actions and waiting for the moment that this great project continues growing and the market realize of it.

-QUESTION: One of the aspects that more is treating itself to level of European bags is the royal paper of the brokers, agents, analysts, intermediary, etc…In the current frame in Spain, there becomes complicated that there is a royal motivation of the general agents to pay attention to the values fewer acquaintances as those of the IBEX SMALL-CAP or MAB, at the time that there are no agents specialists in these values. Which is your opinion in the matter and what do you believe that it should change? 

s before it was commenting, Mab has suffered several long poles from his beginning though it seems that little by little it is settling down. Like there was a moment of overvaluation, now I think that we are at the opposite end. How can it be that Bionaturis acquires ZIP, which possesses a world agreement and in sole right of one of his patents (Splittera) with a Top partner worldwide and above it lowers the price? Or that in these moments instead of a company, Bionaturis is a group of different companies, possess enough more assets, clients in the group of the height of Roche, Sanofi or the American NIH, and his value in stock market be similar to when it began to quote. I think that on any other market the valuation of the portfolio of assets of the Group Bionaturis would be great more valued. For comparable, there is no doubt that would be like that, but it would be necessary that all the implied ones, from the own company up to the different intermediaries and investors, we could explain it better and to value it. My conclusion is that Mab and the constant Market should unify and look for levels of small caps.

-QUESTION: to end, using your own phrase of the headline – there is nothing more powerful than an idea to which his time has come to him – do you think that his momentum has come to Bionaturis? Why?

Yes, I think that we are near the moment that all the minority investors we were waiting. The company will begin to take his own income as products thrown to the market (Mupipet), besides the vaccine of the leishmaniasis in Argentina, or the international recognition that Biobide is having. This country needs companies as Bionaturis, people who have gone out of the university with an idea and with her it has created a recognized company worldwide. The human quality of a company does that there are obtained all the successes that one wants to reach and Bionaturis has it, beginning for his CEO Víctor Infante who leaves the skin himself day after day for his company.