Its commitment on Cadiz talent, on creating high-qualified employment and wealth in the area, as well as the promotion of the scientific innovation ‘Made in Cadiz’ to the rest of the world, are some of the reasons why Bionaturis has been honoured with the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz.

The award, granted by the Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales and the Consejo Social of the University of Cadiz, and the Confederacion de Empresarios was received last Friday in Cadiz by Bionaturis Group founder and CEO, Victor Infante.

premio ESR Cadiz

“Born in Cadiz province and as a former member of this University, from the very beginning it´s been and will be my strong commitment that Bionaturis  contributes heavily to its role as an economic driver, adding wealthiness to this province. We always show off that our province has much more to offer, that we are leading some economic areas and that, for instance, in our case, we are developing and bringing to the market place cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life of pets, livestock and the environment under One Health principals. Bionaturis is achieving that relevant worldwide C-level executives visit Cadiz not only to enjoy our unique touristic offer but also to make business. Bionaturis is spreading the name of Cadiz to the rest of the world”, Victor Infante has stated.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis is a biopharmaceutical company born in 2005 as spin-off of Cadiz University. Located in the Scientific and Technological Park in Jerez, is the matriz company of Bionaturis Group, comprises other three companies -Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific Limited- and two subsidiaries, located in Europe, Asia and USA. As a group, they offer highly- added value products and services for Human and Animal Health. It is listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Exchange (MAB, in Spanish) since 2012.