• This new concession in USA joins the one already obtained by Bionaturis in China last September for the same patent family.


  • Each year 80 million dogs are in danger of developing the disease in the affected areas of Europe and America. Visceral leishmaniasis affects more than 700,000 people worldwide each year, with the dog being the main reservoir of the disease.


  • The granted patent protects the use of the intended vaccine in dogs and humans.


  • Bionaturis goes one step further in the pet market, which according to Euromonitor International represented 93,000 million euros in 2015.


  • The Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico e Industrial (CDTI) has also granted Bionaturis a non-refundable incentive worth 196,300 euros to support the achievement of a new intermediate milestone in the development of the vaccine.


Jerez de la Frontera, February XX, 2018.- The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the patent for the prevention and treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in both dogs and humans to the vaccine against this disease, which Bionaturis holds the worldwide exclusivity. The lead vaccine program, called internally BNT005, comes originally from the CSIC (Spanish National Council of Research)


Currently, BNT005 is the subject of an Evaluation and Options (E&O) agreement with an international sponsor for the exclusive sublicense of the registration and commercialization of BNT005 for use in dogs worldwide, except Argentina and Paraguay, where it has been already licensed for the same purpose to the Argentine laboratory Biotandil.


Visceral leishmaniasis affects between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people each year and has a mortality rate of 3%, according to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Spain, it is estimated that around 300 people suffer each year. It is a tropical disease that is transmitted through the bite of insects. The main reservoir of the disease -extended by the Mediterranean basin and Latin America- is the dog. Immunization against the disease in these animals is basic to avoid cases of zoonosis and that the disease spreads to humans. In addition, about a third of infected dogs cannot control the development of the parasite and manifest the disease in irreversible stages. Some 80 million dogs are in danger of contracting the disease in the affected areas of Europe and Latin America.


“The granting of the patent of the leishmaniasis vaccine by the US authorities endorses the exhaustive and successful R&D work being carried out by the Bionaturis research team and their collaborators. In addition, it represents a new international recognition of Spanish scientific research as a whole, “says Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis.


On the other hand, the “Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico e Industrial (CDTI)” of Spain  has also granted Bionaturis a non-refundable incentive worth 196,300 euros for the implementation of the project called “Development of a new vaccine against leishmaniasis.” It is part of the CDTI program INNOGLOBAL intended to promote international business cooperation in research and development. The main goal of the project is, along with the Argentine company Biotandil, to reach a key milestone for the development, manufacture and marketing, of BNT005  in Argentina and Paraguay.


With this patent, the company goes one step further in a market with a very high growth potential. Only in 2015 the global spending of the pet industry accounted for 93,000 million euros, according to Euromonitor International. The vaccine against this disease would have a total potential market of more than 1000 million euros in the affected areas if all the dogs were vaccinated, with 18% of that market corresponding to Europe. Nowadays the vaccination rates are low, which results in a high incidence of the disease in pets. The development of vaccines with better protection properties such as BNT005 can contribute to a greater control of the disease in dogs and humans.


Bionaturis keeps its commercial activity while continuing its integration process with ADL Biopharma (Antigua Antibióticos de León), announced last November, which will result in the creation of a European leader in the development and production of biological solutions, with high added value , in the field of human and animal health.


About Bionaturis

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