Bionaturis Group has received notification from the patent office of India of the approval of the patent entitled “Production of biologically active proteins”, contributing to the protection of this patent family, already approved in the main European markets, USA, China, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

Specifically, this patent family protects the production and use, within the pharmacological field, of ZERA-based microparticles, a self-assembling sequence developed by ZIP. These microparticles have demonstrated efficacy as second-generation vaccines, being able to develop a higher immune response than the same antigen in soluble form and without using of additional adjuvants. ZERA VACCINES are currently being evaluated by leading companies in the veterinary sector in order to formalize licensing agreements.

Zera Vaccines is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses at industrial scale.
Bionaturis Group, which is integrating businesses with ADL Biopharma, has received up to four patent approvals year to date, strengthening the protection of its high-tech premium portfolio. 
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