• Reports net sales of €2.39 million, +82% YoY
  • Reports EBITDA of €1.07 million, + €1.50 million YoY
  • Reports 82% of gross margin over net sales versus 71% in FY-2016
  • Reports the binding integration agreement with ADL Biopharma to create an European benchmark in the development and manufacturing of biological products
  • Reports a commercial and supply license agreement of non-prescription products for livestock with minimum annual orders worth of € 4.77 million
  • Reports the executions of an exclusive license agreement for the development, registration, manufacturing, and commercialization of BNT005 in Argentina and Paraguay.
  • Reports the signing of an Evaluation and Licensing agreement with exclusive worldwide license rights (except in Argentina and Paraguay) for the development, registration and commercialization of BNT005 with a top leading company in the sector
  • Reports ZIP patents granted in USAEUROPE and JAPAN
  • Reports reaching an E&O agreement with a global leader for the exclusive development, registration and marketing of a probiotic for oral application, indicated to improve oral health in companion animals
  • Reports the signing by Biobide of new relevant contracts with three leading companies in the agrochemical and biomedicine sectors, for a cumulative amount worth of USD 1.39 million
  • Reports BNT005 patent granted in CHINA
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