Bionaturis CSO, Dr Juan Infante, delivered a speech in the framework of the International Congress BAC2013, entitled “New generation biofactories for a global access to health”. During the Conference, which featured the illustrious presence of the 2009 Nobel Prize of medicine, Professor Jack William Szostak, Infante reviewed the world current situation of biological drugs, with a global market worth of more than 100 USD billion, and the identified gaps to be covered for a more rational and fair use of them.

The CSO of the biotech company, quoted on stock exchange (ticker BNT), highlighted how technological platforms and business models as proposed by Bionaturis enable to meet those needs and make possible cutting-edge drugs to reach more people and producers around the world. After the speech, an interesting Q&A took place, with an active participation of the laureate Professor Szostak.

Regarding the event motto, organized by the Association of Spanish young biotechnologists,  Dr Infante stressed: “young biotech professionals have to ask themselves why there are technologies that reach all corners of the world and yet red biotechnology is still unable to stop TB or improve animal production where it is needed. If these remedies exist in research centers, why don´t they reach the end user? We need to encourage young people to undertake new business models that facilitate these innovations to reach the market.”

Access to the whole presentation of Dr Infante here Bionaturis BAC2013