The schedule of Biobide scientists this spring is taken by very relevant international events in the sector. This week, the company acquired by Bionaturis Group and specialized in the use of zebrafish as animal model, presents two scientific posters in the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe 26th Annual Meeting, 22-26 May 2016, at La Cite in Nantes, France.  Biobide also participates in the conference Measuring Behaviour 2016, hold in Dublin, with the research about the relationship between stress and exposure to light in this animal model.

R&D Management Director at Biobide, Arantza Muriana, will lead the presentation in SETAC 2016 of the posters titled ‘Testing toxicity of graphene oxide in zebrafish embryos’ and ‘Toxicity Profiling of Flame Retardants in Zebrafish’, both using zebrafish as animal model for varied toxicity and efficacy assays. The first one addresses the study of toxicity of graphene oxide, a very common material to produce goods used in our daily life, while the second one tackles the study of teratogenicity (possibilities of malformation in the development of the fetus in pregnant women), cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and behavioral alterations in some flame retardants compounds found in everyday household products, to which people are regularly exposed. biobide en eventos

In addition to the presentation of these posters, Arantza Muriana and the Study Director, Virginia Caballero, will respond the large number of applications for one-to-one meetings in this event, considered the most important one in this specialized area in Europe. More than 2,000 scientists from 60 different countries will attend this event addressing relevant topics such as the climate change and contaminants or the production of cosmetics, among others.

Behaviour analysis

At the same time, Biobide takes part this week in the conference Measuring Behaviour 2016, considered the main interdisciplinary event about the study of animal and human behavior. In this forum, hold in Dublin, the Study Director, Ainhoa Alzualde, will present the poster titled ‘Standardized Ligth/Dark Preference Test For Anxiety And Stress Research Using Zebrafish Larvae’.

Its participation in these European events, in addition to its presence in the BIO Convention at San Francisco next June, ratifies the international positioning of Biobide as a reference partner in the sector.

 About Biobide

Biobide is a biotech company that aims to help customers worldwide developing Tailor Made Solutions to maximize R+D productivity and minimize risks in the Drug Discovery process, integrating zebrafish animal model with innovative tools, adding value to their R+D+i mainly in the preclinical area (toxicology, safety and efficacy).