Bionaturis Group company specialized in the use of zebrafish as animal model, Biobide, has an outstanding presence once again in the European annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC Europe), held in Brussels (Belgium) from 7-11, May. In this occasion, Biobide will have a booth (No. 49) and present two scientific posters (TU058 y TH049).

‘Setting up aquatic toxicity testing using zebrafish, daphnia and algae’ will be the first of the announced posters presented on 9th, May. The second poster presentation –titled ‘Analysis of the relationship between effects in the locomotor activity and morphological alterations induced by biocides’ will be on 11th, May. “Both posters reflect our latest scientific researches about aquatic toxicity, this time using new alternative models in addition to zebrafish, such as algae and daphnia”, has stated the Business Development Manager at Bobide, Maitane Ipiñazar.

In this international event, Biobide will show its broad expertise in the use of zebrafish for environmental toxicity. The versatility of this animal model and other valuable advantages such as its easy handling, high productivity and lower maintenance costs turn it into an optimum alternative for sectors such as the environmental one.

The organizers of this event, which is focused this year on the multidisciplinary collaboration for the environmental quality, expects the participation of more than 2,000 scientists and professionals from academia, public and private institutions from 60 different countries. Considered as the most relevant European event in its sector, this forum will address the newest researchers in environmental toxicology, new technologies and other updates about regulatory.

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