Biobide (part of Bionaturis Group) participates in the most relevant scientific event devoted to toxicology and toxicity in the world, SOT and TOX Expo, held from 13rd March in New Orleans (USA). The participation of the company, which has grown in the latest meetings, includes the coordination of a course on zebrafish, the display of two scientific posters and the presence in the exhibition area with their own booth (number #1128).

The R&D Management Director at Biobide, Arantza Muriana, along with Mamta Behl from the NIH-NIEHS, is in charge of coordinating the course titled ‘Zebrafish As a Tool in Toxicology and Drug Discovery Screening’, held on March 13rd. The academic program, in which six experts will take part, aims to provide insight on the current developments in the use of zebrafish in the field of toxicology and drug safety and efficacy assessment, highlighting some ongoing challenges in the field. Specifically, Arantza Muriana will teach the chapter devoted to ‘Innovative Zebrafish Hepatotoxicity, Cardiotoxicity, and Neurobehavioral Toxicity Assays for Drug Selection”.

In addition to this course, Celia Quevedo, Study Director of Biobide will present on the 16th of March two scientific posters -number #1927 and #3299- with the collaboration of the company Stemina and the NIH-NIEHS, respectively. Both posters, which are included in the section titled Developmental Toxicology (Non Rodent)’, address the versatility of zebrafish to analyze toxicity, safety and efficacy of compounds.

“Our outstanding participation in such a relevant international congress as the SOT shows our expertise and confirms our position as partners of choice in the zebrafish sector worldwide”, Arantza Muriana has stated. Some months ago, Biobide set up a subsidiary in the USA, in the State of Maryland, and, recently they have signed a contract with the US National Institute of Environmental Health (NIH-NIEHS) to analyze the toxicological impact of exposure to 30 chemical compounds using zebrafish as animal model.

Owing its booth and releasing a new image

In addition, the company will have its own stand in the event (number #1128) where Arantza Muriana, Celia Quevedo (already mentioned) and Maitane Ipiñazar –Business Development Manager at Biobide- will conduct high-level meetings and present its services portfolio based on offering tailor made solutions to customers all over the world which maximize R+D productivity and minimize risks in the Drug Discovery process, helping in the selection of more successful drug candidates (safer and more efficient).

This sectorial event will be also the international debut of the new marketing  image for Biobide.

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