Cardiovascular, neurological, oncological and SNC diseases can be researched by the zebrafish as animal model. BBD BioPhenix is developing several research projects in these areas applying the versatility and flexibility of this animal model.

In particular, in the cardiovascular area BBD intends to determine the therapeutic efficacy of some compounds in the treatment of some diseases besides identifying potential toxicities in the compounds to guarantee its safety.

In the oncological area, the experts of BBD BioPhenix aims to elucidate the tumor generation capacity and the teratoxicity of several compounds. Finally, they are also evaluating the neuroprotective and neurotoxic effects of certain compounds. For this, besides other techniques, they use the behavioral study in zebrafish, which contributes to the development of potential medicines against Alzheimer, among other neurodegenerative diseases.

“The unique advantages of zebrafish let us to design and launch important initiatives to progress in key discoveries to combat fatal pathologies”, the general manager of BBD BioPhenix, Andoni Cruz, states.

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