The technology and the innovation of BBD BioPhenix (Bionaturis Group) in the use of zebrafish as animal model for efficacy and toxicity assays for drug screening has attracted the interest of several companies in the SOT 2015 Annual Meeting and TOX Expo, hold last week in San Diego (USA).

There, the R&D Managment Director, Arantza Muriana, and the General Manager, Andoni Cruz, have hold high-level meetings with pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical companies, as well as research agencies and significant international public institutions.

Besides its presence in exhibition and partnering areas, BBD BioPhenix presented a scientific poster titled ‘Screening of New Compounds That Alter Sleep-Wake State Alteration in Zebrafish’.

Nearly 7.000 professionals have joint in the latest edition of this important international meeting. For further information about it, please click here