Arantza Muriana, R&D Management Director at BBD BioPhenix (Bionaturis Group), is the delegate in the SOT 2015 Annual Meeting and TOX Expo hold from 22nd March in San Diego (USA). BBD BioPhenix –an international reference company in drug screening and the use of zebrafish as animal model in efficacy and toxicity assays for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical and cosmetic sectors, among others- is one of the 350 companies in the world attending this international event that every year receives more than 6.500 attendees.

Besides its presence in exhibition and partnering zones, BBD BioPhenix will present a scientific poster titled ‘Screening of New Compounds That Alter Sleep-Wake State Alteration in Zebrafish’, which describes trials done with some anxiolytic drugs to analize how they can alter Sleep-Wake States in humans, through the Behavior alterations´ assay in zebrafish.

“Attending to this event is very relevant to consolidate our international customers and establish new high-level contacts that let us growing more and more”, Arantza Muriana has stated. The versatility of zebrafish and the drug screening automated processes in BBD BioPhenix provide a better selection of candidates, decreasing time and cost in the new active compounds discovery.

For further information about the SOT 2015 Annual Meeting, organized by the Society of Toxicology, please click here