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ADL Bionatur Solutions Raises € 12 million with Institutional Investors

Capital Raise Follows Successful Listing at the Spanish Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) through a Reverse Acquisition of Bionaturis by ADL Biopharma

León, Spain, 30 July 2018: ADL Bionatur Solutions (MAB: ADL), a company specialized in research and development of health products, services and industrial fermentation production, today announced the closing of a € 12 million fund raising with institutional and qualified investors in Spain. The transaction follows the listing in May 2018 on the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) a sub-market of the Spanish Prime Market (BME), through a reverse acquisition of Bionaturis by ADL Biopharma.

On 19 July 2018, ADL’s Board of Directors set a price per share to € 2.20 for the € 12 million capital increase with qualified investors, excluding subscription rights. Under the transaction, ADL issued 5,454,546 new shares, which are issued and listed on 30 July. ADL´s freefloat has now increased to over 20 %, thus its main shareholder Black Toro Capital (BTC) now holds 73,23 %, while Víctor Infante, founder of Bionaturis, holds 5,08 % of the Company.

Pilar de la Huerta, CEO of ADL Bionatur Solutions commented: “We are very proud to be trusted by so many major funds and investors. This financing supports our confidence in the strategy and future growth of the Company, shared with the investors during the fund raising. I would like to thank both the teams at ADL Bionatur Solutions and BTC plus our external consultants for their great efforts during these months.”

In light of the transaction, Banco Sabadell valued the average price of the Company shares at € 3.52 each, representing a potential upside of 60 % compared to the offer price. Furthermore, GVC Gaesco, a Spanish Investment bank, recently initiated coverage of ADL.

Impulsa is acting […]

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Bionaturis Group FY-2017 audited results


Reports net sales of €2.39 million, +82% YoY
Reports EBITDA of €1.07 million, + €1.50 million YoY
Reports 82% of gross margin over net sales versus 71% in FY-2016
Reports the binding integration agreement with ADL Biopharma to create an European benchmark in the development and manufacturing of biological products
Reports a commercial and supply license agreement of non-prescription products for livestock with minimum annual orders worth of € 4.77 million
Reports the executions of an exclusive license agreement for the development, registration, manufacturing, and commercialization of BNT005 in Argentina and Paraguay.
Reports the signing of an Evaluation and Licensing agreement with exclusive worldwide license rights (except in Argentina and Paraguay) for the development, registration and commercialization of BNT005 with a top leading company in the sector
Reports ZIP patents granted in USA, EUROPE and JAPAN
Reports reaching an E&O agreement with a global leader for the exclusive development, registration and marketing of a probiotic for oral application, indicated to improve oral health in companion animals
Reports the signing by Biobide of new relevant contracts with three leading companies in the agrochemical and biomedicine sectors, for a cumulative amount worth of USD 1.39 million
Reports BNT005 patent granted in CHINA

 Click here to see the official document.

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New Events Calendar

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Bionaturis Group gets patent approval in India

Bionaturis Group has received notification from the patent office of India of the approval of the patent entitled “Production of biologically active proteins”, contributing to the protection of this patent family, already approved in the main European markets, USA, China, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

Specifically, this patent family protects the production and use, within the pharmacological field, of ZERA-based microparticles, a self-assembling sequence developed by ZIP. These microparticles have demonstrated efficacy as second-generation vaccines, being able to develop a higher immune response than the same antigen in soluble form and without using of additional adjuvants. ZERA VACCINES are currently being evaluated by leading companies in the veterinary sector in order to formalize licensing agreements.
Zera Vaccines is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in bioprocesses at industrial scale.

Bionaturis Group, which is integrating businesses with ADL Biopharma, has received up to four patent approvals year to date, strengthening the protection of its high-tech premium portfolio. Please, click here to read the Relevant Information (only in Spanish)

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The presence of Bionaturis at BioEurope Spring



From March 12 to 15, Bionaturis Group has attended ‘Bio Europe Spring ‘, one of the most important biotechnology event in Europe, hold this edition at the Amsterdam’s Convention Center. Juan Jose Infante, Chief of Biological developments at Bionaturis Group and one of our representatives at the event, tells us about his main remarks and outcomes.



1. BIOEUROPE SPRING is an event that, for some days, brings together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across biotech, finance and pharma for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering meetings, strategic panel discussions and more. What do you think that Bionaturis Group has to offer differentially to those attending the event?

Biotechnology is a field that evolves to a dizzy speed. Breakthrough innovations that will feed the healthcare sector in the following years are cooked mainly in the R&D departments of SMEs. It is a high volatile world and there is a need for agile management practices. Unlike big multinationals, Bionaturis can go as nimble as the rapidly shifting and unpredictable context in which the sector find itselfe. Bionaturis, after 11 years developing innovative premium products, has now enough maturity to be a partner of choice for agile movements to the marketplace. Thus, what third parties expect from us in these events is the right partner to bring innovative products to the market in a practical and agile way.

2. It is the first time that Bionaturis Group has attended this event after announcing the integration agreement with ADL Biopharma, a turning point for the company. How have you perceived the reception of this news in the sector?

As good as it gets! It is the right time to offer a proposal as the one derived from the integration between Bionaturis and ADL […]

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Zip patent of Bionaturis Group granted in Australia

ZIP Solutions is a biotechnological company devoted to develop and commercialise innovative solutions for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The company has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the human and animal health industry, and offers its proprietary solutions, Zera® and Splittera, as differentiating and highly competitive tools to meet their demanding needs. 


These patents are of special relevance for Bionaturis group since Splittera is subject of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with a top leading multinational company, for its commercialization in the industrial purification of biological products. The agreement contemplates upfront, milestone-payments and royalties for sales. This agreement is a proof of principle of the usefulness and added value of Splittera for the biopharmaceutical sector, which presents a global expected market figure worth of 236 billion dollars by 2019.
Splittera is part of the technological portfolio of the CDMO division of the biotechnological group, provided by ZIP Solutions, a specialist in industrial bioprocessing.

To read the Relevant Information (only in Spanish) click here.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis Group offers premium solutions for human and animal health; it comprises four companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions, and BNT Pacific) and two subsidiaries (Biobide USA and BNT China Biosciences) in six different locations around the world. Bionaturis lists on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (trading code BNT).



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Fran Bascón tells us about VIV-MEA 2018,Abu Dhabi.

         Last 5th and 6th of February, Bionaturis was present at VIV-MEA , the most important animal health evento of the EMA region.


Abu Dhabi turned for a few days into a neuralgic animal health center for production animals  for the Middle East and Africa.

Our sales manager, Fran Bascon, event assistant, tells us first-hand impressions.



1. VIV-MEA is an event indexes in animal health for the zone that concentrates visitors and companies from many countries and places of the world. Which were the aims of the Group Bionaturis in this event?

Our attendance to the event has been a great opportunity for 1) gaining more knowledge and insights of the market in Middle East, 2) consolidate the strategic relations we already have in the territory and 3) finding new synergies. Middle East is a huge market that is demanding and consuming innovative products at a very fast pace (for instance, the use of probiotics for animal feed has grown 600% in the past 5 years). Products with a strong scientific background and a solid development are highly desired and in that sense, Bionaturis has a lot to value to deliver.

In terms of number of European companies in the event, the attendance has been pretty significant. Despite the fact that there is a homologous event in Europe, all the big players were in the event, thus highlighting the importance of this region and the opportunity of entering in that market.


2. During the day, took place events about networking  and you had the possibility of meeting several companies from the region, how you value the VIV-MEA event as forum to find new opportunities of business?

The event was the perfect environment to gain first-hand experience of the market in Middle East, their challenges […]

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Bionaturis Leishmaniasis Vaccine Granted in USA


This new concession in USA joins the one already obtained by Bionaturis in China last September for the same patent family.


Each year 80 million dogs are in danger of developing the disease in the affected areas of Europe and America. Visceral leishmaniasis affects more than 700,000 people worldwide each year, with the dog being the main reservoir of the disease.


The granted patent protects the use of the intended vaccine in dogs and humans.


Bionaturis goes one step further in the pet market, which according to Euromonitor International represented 93,000 million euros in 2015.


The Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico e Industrial (CDTI) has also granted Bionaturis a non-refundable incentive worth 196,300 euros to support the achievement of a new intermediate milestone in the development of the vaccine.


Jerez de la Frontera, February XX, 2018.- The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the patent for the prevention and treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in both dogs and humans to the vaccine against this disease, which Bionaturis holds the worldwide exclusivity. The lead vaccine program, called internally BNT005, comes originally from the CSIC (Spanish National Council of Research)


Currently, BNT005 is the subject of an Evaluation and Options (E&O) agreement with an international sponsor for the exclusive sublicense of the registration and commercialization of BNT005 for use in dogs worldwide, except Argentina and Paraguay, where it has been already licensed for the same purpose to the Argentine laboratory Biotandil.


Visceral leishmaniasis affects between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people each year and has a mortality rate of 3%, according to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Spain, it is estimated that around 300 people suffer each year. It is a tropical disease that is transmitted through the bite of insects. The […]

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July Newsletter

Let’s read here Bionaturis Group latest news


Bionaturis receives the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz


Biobide shows new researches about zebrafish in the European Zebrafish Meeting


Let’s get to know…

Eunate Lopetegi Uson, 26 years old, born in Donostia. ISSA Management Assistant by Navarra University.




-When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
An intepreter traslator in the multicultural area.
-What do you like the most about your job?
Its daily dynamism and variety.
-What are your future challenges?
To continue learning and knowing the company in depth.
-Your favourite dish
Pasta with marinara.
-A place
Salzburg: a quiet and historical city surrounded by nature.
-A film
A difficult decission… a lot of them and very varied: ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘The Hangover’…
-A historical figure
Galileo Galilei.
-A book
‘My sister’s keeper’, by Jodi Picoult.
-A song
‘Imagine’, by John Lennon.
-What do you usually do in your free time?
Cooking, reading, going to the mountains… any thing that keep me away from my daily obligations.
-You can’t live without…
Walking with my dog.
-How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
I imagine a biosustainable world with a supportive, empathetic and diverse society, a place where the use of technology is natural in human beings. However, without social dependance that not affects personal relationships and where the words are valuable. Although it is an utopian idea…

  Eunate has been working as Management Assistant in Biobide (Bionaturis Group) since February, 2017.

Bionaturis receives
the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award
in the province of Cadiz

Its commitment on Cadiz talent, on creating high-qualified employment and wealth in the area, as well as the promotion of the scientific innovation ‘Made in Cadiz’ to the rest of the world, are some of the reasons why Bionaturis has been honoured with the Corporate […]

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Bionaturis receives the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz

Its commitment on Cadiz talent, on creating high-qualified employment and wealth in the area, as well as the promotion of the scientific innovation ‘Made in Cadiz’ to the rest of the world, are some of the reasons why Bionaturis has been honoured with the Corporate Social Responsibility 2017-award in the province of Cadiz.

The award, granted by the Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales and the Consejo Social of the University of Cadiz, and the Confederacion de Empresarios was received last Friday in Cadiz by Bionaturis Group founder and CEO, Victor Infante.

“Born in Cadiz province and as a former member of this University, from the very beginning it´s been and will be my strong commitment that Bionaturis  contributes heavily to its role as an economic driver, adding wealthiness to this province. We always show off that our province has much more to offer, that we are leading some economic areas and that, for instance, in our case, we are developing and bringing to the market place cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life of pets, livestock and the environment under One Health principals. Bionaturis is achieving that relevant worldwide C-level executives visit Cadiz not only to enjoy our unique touristic offer but also to make business. Bionaturis is spreading the name of Cadiz to the rest of the world”, Victor Infante has stated.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis is a biopharmaceutical company born in 2005 as spin-off of Cadiz University. Located in the Scientific and Technological Park in Jerez, is the matriz company of Bionaturis Group, comprises other three companies -Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific Limited- and two subsidiaries, located in Europe, Asia and USA. As a group, they offer highly- added value products and services for Human and Animal Health. It is listed on […]

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