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Biobide signs new contracts worth of USD 1.39 million

Biobide -Bionaturis group- an international reference CRO on zebrafish, reports that it has signed new relevant contracts with three leading companies in the agrochemical and biomedicine sectors, for a cumulative amount worth of USD 1.39 million. Under the terms of these new contracts, Biobide will use its zebrafish platform for the optimization of the drug discovery process of the customers. Using this platform, Biobide´s customers can filter and early-detect the safety and efficacy profile of its leads, meaning a significant saving of time and costs.

These new relevant contracts are just another example of Biobide’s leadership position in the growing zebrafish sector. Customers like Roche, Servier, Sanofi, or NIH-NIEH endorse Biobide as an international reference CRO in zebrafish.

For the official disclosing Click here (Only in Spanish)

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Bionaturis under the eyes of the investor: Miguel Cuevas

usHis Twitter’s account gives us some tracks on him….

” There is nothing more powerful than an idea which his time has come to him ”

But we are going to know him more…

-MIGUEL, define you in 140 characters.

With 30 years of age behind my back! I consider myself a humble and hard-working person, with the desire to learn day after day to be able to excel in everything what the life puts me ahead. Carried away of animals. I have a Siberian Husky that it is quite for me, and in addition, he ask me every day for a visceral canine Leshismaniasis vaccine.

-QUESTION: Now that we already know a bit more of you, tell us Miguel, how did you discover Bionaturis and what it is you turns out more attractive of this group?

For the year 2014 in full summit of Mab they spoke to me about two companies with a great future and one of them was Bionaturis. In them, I saw a promising business and a few incredible perspectives of future.

-QUESTION: What sparked your attention our your personal motivation to invest in this group?

The biotechnology, of which it had not even idea (I am of the IT world) and it woke my curiosity up. Can we create a vaccine from a butterfly?  Treat a dog? If gentlemen, we can treat a dog from a butterfly! Something off the hook! In this moment with 12 BNT in process of study and with the FlyLife technology in full summit. I thought: why not to invest my money in this company?

-QUESTION: Related to other advanced economies, Spain presents an abnormally low  number of investors of minority type which do you think about the principal motives and what measures you would put in going in […]

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Bionaturis leishmaniasis vaccine patent granted in China

The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People’s Republic of China has granted to Bionaturis and CSIC the patent entitled “Chimeric molecule useful in immunotherapy for leishmaniasis, which includes a fragment of the protein of leishmania infantum with specific immunodominant epitopes “ under the number CN 201280045285. This patent belongs to the original patent family that protects the use and application of the candidate BNT005 for the treatment and prevention of canine visceral leishmaniasis.

BNT005 is currently subject to an Evaluation and Option (E&O) agreement with an international sponsor for the exclusive worldwide license to register and commercialize this vaccine against canine leishmaniasis in all countries except Argentina and Paraguay.

At the same time, BNT005 is also subject to an exclusive license agreement for registration, development, manufacture and marketing with Biotandil for the Argentine and Paraguayan markets. Under the agreement, Bionaturis will receive 50% of the profits from the commercial exploitation of the vaccine within the territory.

For the official disclosing Click here (only in Spanish)

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September Newsletter


EUROTOX conference, that takes place every year, is one of the most important European event in the toxicology area for Biobide.



The attendance to this conference was a great opportunity for Biobide to meet with clients and collaborators as well as to present the latest projects and investigations of the company within the toxicology field. During the posters session, Biobide presented the  poster in collaboration with Tecnun-University of Navarra, “In-silico platform based on bioinformatic and cheminformatic data to complement zebrafish embryo teratogenicity test”, which rose great interest and expectation among the attendees.

Moreover, Biobide’s participation as exhibitor received very positive feedback and allowed the company to stablish new relationships within the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors.

The next edition of EUROTOX will be held in Brussels in September 2018 and Biobide will be also present as worldwide zebrafish CRO leader.

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Biobide is involved in two events in Europe.

Biobide, part of Bionaturis Group and CRO of world reference specialized in the zebrafish alternative model, will take part in the following events in September.

*European Teratology Society (Monday 4th – 7th September 2017)

In this annual event will take part Maitane Ipiñazar (Business Development Manager) and Celia Quevedo (Study Director), who will present the poster titled “Toxicity profiling using a battery of assays in zebrafish embryos including teratogenicity, behaviour, cardiotoxicity, ototoxicity and hepatotoxicity”.

The Key sessions for ETS 2017 will include:

· Education Course: Hormones and Brain Development

· Pre-term births

· Safety Assessment of Herbal Drugs in Pregnancy

· Transplacental Exposure to Tumorigenic Agents

· IATA – Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment

· Satellite Workshop: Best Practices in interpreting developmental toxicity data


To register  you have to enter the official web of the event:



*EUROTOX (Bratislava, 10th -13th September).

Biobide’s delegates from the Business Development area, Maitane Ipiñazar and Ane Altuna, will be the ones attending the event this year, on this occasion as exhibitors with the booth number 32.Moreover, Biobide’s Business Development Manager will present their latest poster the 11th of September (P-03-03-02): “In-silico platform based on bioinformatic and chemoinformatic data to complement zebrafish embryo teratogenicity test.”

The Scientific Programme Committee is preparing an exciting programme with over 30 symposia and workshops that will highlight the novel findings in the field of toxicology. Four Poster Sessions and five Continuing Education Courses will offer a wide range of opportunities to enhance and enrich the professional experience.

To register  you have to enter the official web of the event:

To arrange a meeting with Biobide in any of these two international events, please write an email to

You can also visit our web:

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Víctor Infante talks about: ASEBIO Report 2016


QUESTION: In terms of KPIs, the report points out that companies in which biotechnology is its core activity has led the growth ranking during 2015. Has Bionaturis been involved in this growth? If so, in what way?


ANSWER: Bionaturis group is showing a growing trend at both organic and inorganic levels. For example, in the period 2012-15 our recurring net sales grew at 24.1% CAGR and in the year ended 2016 we have grown again 24.9% YoY. In terms of inorganic growth, we fully acquired Biobide in 2014- the world leader CRO in the use of zebrafish as an animal- and ZIP Solutions -former Era Biotech- in 2016 being triggered by the signing of an exclusive worldwide license agreement of ZIP´s Splittera system to a multinational sector. Thus, our high value portfolio of premium assets is growing at a steady pace and now our strategic purpose is to optimize as much as possible their ROI in the coming years.


QUESTION: The report says that the biotechnology sector has not been able yet to recover itself for the sharp drop back in 2013. However, in 2015 the economic impact of the biotech companies has reached 8.6% of Spanish GDP coming from a 10.35% figure for 2014. Shall we expect to see a positive uptrend or is it dependent on perspective?


ANSWER: As always, the data have to be analyzed from many angles and perspectives. The overall figure is positive because it could be that we are seeing a new upward trend that will have to be confirmed in the following years. For me it is more important not only to compare it in isolation on the overall impact on Spanish GDP but how we are at a relative level […]

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Bionaturis signs a convertible loan with BTC diez investment fund

For the official disclosing Click here (only in Spanish)

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Biobide hits September with three international events

Eurotox 2016, the European Teratology Society (ETS) Meeting and the IV International Congress of Research and Innovation of Neurodegenerative Diseases are the three international events for Biobide -Bionaturis Group- to hit September. The first one, organized by the European Societies of Toxicology, will be held in Seville on 4-7th, September, with the theme “Protecting Public and Environmental Health by Understanding and Communicating Toxicology”.

The organization of this international event, which has received more than 900 abstracts to be presented as posters, has planned six Continuing Education Courses, 16 Symposia, 10 Workshops as well as Keynote Lectures from key scientists. More than 50 companies have provided their supports as exhibitors. Biobide will be one of them with the booth number 18, assisted by Arantza Muriana, the R&D Management Director of Biobide.

“The presence of Biobide in international forums is essential to be informed and updated about the news and needs of our sector as well as in the business field strictly. On the other hand, these events confirm us the increasing interest of companies and institutions in the use of zebrafish as an alternative animal model, which makes us improve our services constantly and, then, our competitiveness”, Arantza Muriana has stated.

ETS Meeting, in Dublin

The second meeting in Biobide’s schedule in September will be in Dublin (Ireland) for the 44 edition of the European Teratology Society (ETS) Meeting, held on 11-14th. This event will celebrate lectures and forums about relevant topics such as maternal health in pregnancy or the regulatory updates about developmental and reproductive toxicology.

During this high-level event, Biobide will present three scientific posters titled “An inter-laboratory validation of the zebrafish embryo assay for the detection of developmental toxicity”, “Standarized Light/Dark preference test for anxiety and stress research using […]

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August Newsletter

Let’s read Bionaturis Group latest news


Biobide takes part in a research about Malaria funded by Melinda and Bill Gates

Biotechnology private investment increases

Let’s get to know…

Lucia Beltran Camacho, 22 years old, born in Tarifa (Cadiz). Degree at Biotechnology by Cadiz University.




-When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
I have always loved everything related to music so I wanted to be a music teacher.
-What do you like the most about your job?
Learning and finding out new things every day.
-What are your future challenges?
Carrying on learning and progressing in order to work as a researcher.
-Your favourite dish
-A place
Any beach.
-A film
‘Amelie’ ,by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
-A historical figure
Rosalind Franklin.
-A book
‘The Silver Linings Playbook’, by Matthew Quick.
-A song
‘La piedra invisible’, by Izal.
-What do you usually do in your free time?
I like going to the cinema and spending time with my family and friends. If I have enough time, I love travelling and knowing new places.
-You can’t live without…
-How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
A world where Science is more important than now and people bet on the progresses that it can offer.

Lucia has been doing a Lab Technician internship at Bionaturis since July, 2016.

Biobide takes part in a research about Malaria funded by Melinda
and Bill Gates

Biobide (Bionaturis Group) has recently participated in a drug discovery research against malaria, a disease that causes about 440,000 deaths each year worldwide. The collaborative international project supported by Melinda and Bill Gates has the main goal of going from Hits to Leads among a selection of 400 compounds –included in the Malaria Box- to which researchers from 30 different countries have had access in the latest two years. The final end is public institutions and […]

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About the non-monetary capital increase

Relevant information about the non-monetary capital increase that lets Inveready Innvierte Biotech II access to Bionaturis shareholders


For the official disclosing, please, click here

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