Bionaturis Group coordinator for Targetfish Project, PhD Ana de las Heras, has recently attended the annual meeting of this European Consortium, devoted to develop and provide the industry with new solutions for the most common diseases in European aquaculture.

During the event, held in Athens, Bionaturis has explained the progresses in its developments  led to some of the major aquaculture species raised in Europe.

“The presence of Bionaturis Group in the Targetfish Project is quite relevant due to we take positions at the forefront in health aquaculture in Europe as one of the 30 referenced partners in the sector. In addition, the approach to industry enhances the odds of commercial viability”, Ana de las Heras states.

Reunión Targetfish Atenas 2015

A growing sector that needs health products

The consumption of fish in the world depends more and more on the aquaculture, a sector which is adapting its development to the increasing worldwide needs and, because of that, requires more solutions and researches. According to the companies Zoetis y Pharmaq[1], the health global market for aquaculture is growing 7-8% every year reaching $400 million in 2014.

According to the 2015 report from the Asociacion Empresarial de Productores de Cultivos Marinos de España (Apromar), aquaculture has exceeded traditional fishing for the first time in 2013 with 97,20 million of tones worldwide against 93,8 million of tones in captures.

A project for excellence

Led by PhD Geert Wiegertjes (Department of Animal Sciences, Cell Biology & Immunology group from Wageningen UR), Targetfish brings together leading European research groups that are experts on the fish immune system and enterprises from the Biotech and Veterinary sectors. This project, to be concluded in the fall of 2017, is funded by the European Commission 7th Framework programme.

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