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    • Ojer Pharma and Bionaturis sign a registration and commercialization agreement to market MUPIPET® in Europe
    • ZIP Solutions obtains a new patent for USA
  • Biobide bets on the advantages of zebrafish for cosmetics

Let’s get to know…

Francisco Ochoa Martin, 46 years old, born in Cadiz. Degree in Health Sciences (Nursery) by Cadiz University. GMP Certificated.


Francisco Ochoa



  • -When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be an adult and now I am not sure about it… I wanted to be something as simple as a carpenter.
  • -What do you like the most about your job?
  • My greatest motivation is learning every day, as well as contributing to the progress of new medicines for human and animal health.
  • -What are your future challenges?
  • Keeping my professional abilities updated and being an employee that makes relevant contributions to the company, having a broad knowledge of my position and a deep understanding of the hopes of the company; becoming a valuable trainer for new employees.
  • -Your favourite dish
  • The soup plate, which has more capacity than the dinner plate… I like simple dishes of tradititional cuisine from any town.
  • -A place
  • Oneself! If you are happy and you feel comfortable in your skin and enjoy your work, the rest is simply decorative.
  • -A film
  • ‘Saving Grace’, by Nigel Cole.
  • -A historical figure
  • Michelangelo Buonarroti (Il Divino). He was successful in every art he worked in, being very perfectionist.
  • -A book
  • Chosing only one is complicated but if I had to do it, it would be ‘The Name of the Rose’, by Umberto Eco.
  • -A song
  • ‘Bohemian Rhaposdy’, by Queen.
  • -What do you usually do in your free time?
  • When I don’t have to reform anything at home, I like reading and cooking, although it is true that I do it less than some time ago (as my wife reproaches me sometimes) And, of course, having a good coffee…
  • -You can’t live without…
  • My family, I owe everything I am to them.
  • -How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
  • As science and technology are progressing, I hope many of the diseases that currently have no cure will have treatment and become chronic and later will be erradicated. And we will consume more nutritive, organic and ethical food.
  Francisco has been working as a Production Activities Coordinator and Downstream Manager in Bionaturis since January, 2017.

Ojer Pharma and Bionaturis sign a registration and commercialization agreement to market MUPIPET® in Europe

Ojer Pharma and Bionaturis have signed a co-development, registration, and commercialization agreement to market Mupipet® in Europe, the first antibiotic with a bioadhesive and transparent formulation registered in Europe to treat skin bacterial infections in companion animals. Mupipet® will be registered as a prescription veterinary drug for the topical treatment of skin bacterial infections in companion animals -such as pyoderma- being its main competitive advantage its cutting-edge formulation, developed and patented by the pharmaceutical company Ojer Pharma […] Read more

ZIP Solutions obtains a new patent for USA

ZIP Solutions –Bionaturis Group- has just been granted with a new patent titled “Recombinant protein bodies as immunogen-specific adjuvants” for the USA (number 9.555.097). This new patent covers the use and administration of DNA vaccines coding for fusions of Zera® self-assembling sequences and any antigen of interest for the enhancement of the immune response against the antigen. “DNA-based immunotherapies show several advantages compared to more traditional formulations, for instance, less risk of pathogens contamination or an immune response which is mainly cellular, ideal for cancer therapies”, ZIP’s IP Manager, Marco Archinti, has stated […] Read more

Biobide bets on the advantages of zebrafish
for cosmetics

Versatility and flexibility of zebrafish assays makes its use extendable to other sectors besides the pharmaceutical one, such as the agrochemical, environmental and cosmetic sectors. In the latter case, zebrafish is showing in recent years as a very useful alternative to evaluate toxicity and efficacy both in ingredients and finished cosmetic products. Biobide, Bionaturis Group company specialized in zebrafish, offers specific services for this sector, for instance, human and environmental toxicity assays and efficacy assays for marketing claims, such as whitening, regenerative, antioxidant and anti-angiogenic efficacy assays […] Read more


Relevant info. R&D results, licenses, patents and products. New patent in USA for ZIP Solutions (Only in Spanish) (20/03/2017 8.46h)


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